My Knee is Pain Free?!! How Could That Be?!

Last night I was up four times tending to my little boy who wasn't feeling so well.  In between those times I slept really well.  I woke up feeling slender.  I'm not slender, but I'm now not feeling bloated and the difference between those two states of being is pretty remarkable.I also woke up for the first time in...a month?...with NO pain behind my knee.  None.  Nada.  Nothing.  Zilch....more
I am looking forward to receiving the cookbook, which should be today.  And, will have to begin ...more

"It's not really Paleo"

I slept well.  I woke up ready for coffee, but overall I felt okay.  Then, I read the "timeline" that goes with the Whole30 challenge.  It says that days two, three, four can be rather miserable as stuff works its way out of your system.  Hmmm.  Not so keen on that, nor the whines and fall-aparts from the kids, but I imagine it can't be worse than the constant colds and congestion and crabbiness we've been dealing with.  The best days where you feel the positive change in energy aren't till the start of the third week.  ...more
@elaineR.N.  @FatCat No walking?  I wonder why, but maybe it's the intensity that's the issue. ...more

Pumpkin Pancakes, Mustard Chicken and Butternut Squash

Today is day one of the Whole30 Challenge.  It's a Paleo thing.  I feel uncomfortable saying it's the Paleo Diet because I'm really not one to jump on any type of bandwagon.  I kinda like moving through a parade dancing with some, clapping with others and just weaving amongst everyone.This could be the problem....more
@Linda Anselmi I'm not sure why my husband is on board.  He loves his grape nuts and yogurt and ...more

The Rise and Fall of a FatCat

This week I have returned to my days of yore - spoonfuls of peanut butter laced with chocolate bits, caramel squares, brownies, tortillas with cheese and big servings of burgers and fries.  At moments, I wonder if it's necessary for me to lace my peanut butter spoons with chocolate bits - aren't those really just extra non-necessary calories that I'm loading on - calories that don't even add much tastes.  I see my behaviors and notice my reactions and my feelings and I suppose the best I can do right now is learn from it all....more
@FatCat Good luck, LovelyKitty, I am keeping my fingers crossed for you.   :)more


It's far easier to keep a train running on a track than to hoist it back up on the track when it falls off.  Or to keep a motorcycle inching forward than to try to lift it from a horizontal position.  It's easier to pick up if I'm not lying on the sofa.  It's easier to get things done if I've already been doing.  It's easier to keep on hiking than to stop and cramp up.I'm my own big cramp right now!...more
I think I've given up. I keep falling off the tracks and then just can't seem to get on and stay ...more

When I Fall, Oh I Fall

Frankly, it's fun to fall off the wagon.  Once you biff it, then it's like a free ticket to actively biff it - no more of that mistakingly biff it.  I just go to town.  Sighing, but even in my going "to town" I still wasn't really that horrendous.  The day is almost done and my teeth are brushed and I'm a little bummed out that I didn't manage to fit something more bad into me.  I've missed my chance!...more
OK, everybody, I posted info on EFT, in case you're interested. Try it, you'll like it. ...more

Three Pounds Gained?

Today was weigh in day.  Perhaps I forgot which scale I was supposed to use because the one I used clearly said I was three pounds more than last week.  I did not enter this new information into MyFitnessPal.  Instead I weighed myself on the other scale which showed I'd only gained one pound.  I didn't enter that information either....more
@HomeRearedChef Oh, I definitely think there's something to it, but I think I haven't really had ...more

A Weekend of Eating Out Coming Up!

My jeans are feeling a little looser.  I think I'm making progress even though I've not been running or doing great things in the gym.  I've been trying to do sit ups and stretching and I went to yoga, but overall I feel a bit flakey.  Nonetheless my jeans do feel looser and when I look at MyFitnessPal for the past few days, I see that I am doing a-okay.This is the problem.  I could fall apart today and eat too much.  I'm starving now and have home time this evening which makes it challenging, but my bet is that I'll make it through relatively well....more
@elaineR.N. Thin Mints are terrible!  In that article I read it talked about another food trick ...more

Why I Love Blue Cheese and Kipper Snacks

I love strong flavors.  I love blue cheese.  I love anchovies.  I love feta.  I love kipper snacks.  I also love Dorito chips, but I don't keep them anywhere near me because I have a hard time not having another and another and another.  I thought I loved these foods because of their deliciously high saltiness, but I read an article yesterday on that gave me some new thoughts on the matter....more
Hey there, FatCat! Wow! I'll have to look for that Mother Jones Article. I got off of junk and ...more

Eating Till I'm Full

Yesterday I didn't blog and it just so happens that yesterday we went out to lunch.  Tasty, delicious, salty and filling.  The day before at the community health talk we were encouraged to eat till we were no longer hungry and not till we were full.  How quickly I did not retain that advice!The interesting thing about eating is that once I indulge, I have a hard time pulling the reins back in.  I picked at some things in the afternoon, had seconds of dinner (crab pasta) and seconds of beer and almost - almost - bought ice cream at the store....more
@elaineR.N. I'm hungry now as I write this.  I feel famished!  Yet I just ate.  I also think I'm ...more