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Feed Me Dearly encourages a healthy approach to food: all things in moderation, mostly plants, no preservatives, and finding fun ways to conquer challenges like food allergies and picky eating.

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There are times when I know that a vegetable isn’t going to go over well, and I employ brute force tactics. My kids’ have recently become obsessed with the movie Ghostbusters, and I figured gooey Okra, gooey, ghosts, maybe that reference will get them to try this bizarre and sticky vegetable. No dice ....more

When your sister gets engaged…

I heard some exciting news over the Winter. My sister announced that she’s getting married. It’s been almost 10 years since I tied the knot with Rodney and she stood by my side in Mexico as my Maid of Honor ....more

Bialas Farms CSA: Week 2

We’re into week 2! We picked up our CSA box on Saturday and spent another great week cooking more vegetables than we can usually handle. This week’s box had some new vegetables including broccoli rabe, and Adirondack blue potatoes ....more


There are days when everyone is subdued and sitting on the edge of their stools, waiting to sample their new mystery food. And there are days when the mystery food becomes a toy, or more specifically, a slingshot. Thankfully we were able to ignore the extraterrestrial species that had invaded Sam’s brain, and enjoyed our new experience with ramps ....more

New York City in watercolor

We have news! I’m not pregnant. But our family is experiencing a seismic shift on par with a new baby at home ....more

Bialas Farms CSA: Week 1

We’ve done it again! Against all odds, we decided to sign up for another year of CSA adventures, this year with Bialas Farms, which operates a farm in the black dirt region of the Hudson Valley. Although it’s not our first year with a CSA, things will be different this Summer, given that I’m a) not pregnant and b) lucky enough to have more space to prep and store each week’s haul ....more


The horror, that I would actually feed my kids a humble weed. At least that’s what Lauren was thinking when I served up a big bowl of dandelion greens. They’re pretty bitter, so when I use them in my cooking, I make sure to give them a good toss with olive oil and salt ....more

Central Park Zoo: A Pride event

We’re lucky enough to call New York’s Chelsea neighborhood home. It’s diverse and energetic, always up for a good time. Particularly when June rolls around and Gay Pride celebrations kick into high gear ....more

The weird and wonderful world of strawberry rhubarb

Rhubarb has been taking center stage in the house this week. First we attempted to eat it as part of our mystery food challenge. Which led to mixed results and a potential case of food poisoning ....more


We generally like to try things raw around here, but once in a...more