CFO by day, writer by night… I try to find the absurdity in life, or maybe the absurdity just finds me?  Lately I liken my days to playing dodge ball... I am just trying to catch as many balls as I can without getting smacked in the face.

perils of improper planning - a Jet Blue Experience

My friend Beth always says “Proper planning prevents poor performance.”  How I wish Jet Blue Airlines was friends with Beth….  I am sure that the hundred of thousands of people that suffered, and continue to suffer as a result of Jet Blue’s improper planning would agree with me....more

Until you know, you don't know

I have been an avid reader my entire life. From the time I was a little girl I loved nothing more than to curl up with a good book.  I remember begging my parents to let me stay up just a little bit longer to finish one more chapter.  When I thought they were safely back downstairs or fast asleep I would turn on the light by my bed and read some more....more

Disturbing the waters of our lives

I can’t stop thinking of you…. Although I want to…. I just really want to know what you were thinking? Were you even thinking? Probably not. You slammed into me so hard. I literally didn’t know what hit me. One minute I was driving home from work on the parkway, traffic flowing nicely, and then BAM! My entire body lunged forward. I heard the crash. But I was still in disbelief. I had no warning it was coming as you plowed into my rear....more

Reality is in the eyes of the beholder

“I am so frustrated!” I exclaimed to my husband one night after I got home from work.“What’s wrong?” he asked....more

Time After Time

“When is your birthday, Hilary?” a co-worker asked me a couple months ago.“This year there isn’t going to be one,” I replied and tried to walk away....more
Happy birthday!more

One Year After Hurricane Sandy Struck My Home and Made Me Stronger

There are places I rememberAll my life though some have changedSome forever, not for betterSome have gone and some remain…..If that Beatles song doesn’t sum up the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, I don’t know what does…....more
So glad you survived and in some ways thrived.  I remember seeing some of your postings about ...more

Did you ever have a dream that became a reality?

Did you ever have a dream?  A dream you didn’t think you would ever see become a reality?  Well, I did…For the longest time, I dreamt of becoming an author…. But this was just a dream. I never thought it would actually become a reality… But it did!...more
@Linda W Clarke WOW!  I wish you could have seen my face when I read the part about 12 books... ...more

A Book, A Give-Away, A blog tour, and a dream come true - DANGLED CARAT

“So, guess what?” I said to my husband as I pursued the internet, early one morning.As usual, I didn’t give him the chance to answer. I just continued.  “BlogHer is having a writing conference in a month, in New York!  And it is about converting a blog into a book.  I’m going to go!”“Mmm,” he answered.  Clearly he was more interested in what was on his laptop…....more

We are all just prisoners here, of our own device

When you live on the beach, like we do, in the summer month’s your home feels more like a hotel.  Over the years, Marc and I have had a lot of fun joking about the “hotel we run”.  First we made brochures.  Then we put room numbers on the guest doors....more

Close your eyes, here is a surprise...

can’t believe how many people have dated commitment phobic men,” I told my mom on the phone a couple of weeks ago right after I launched this new site. Having dated one herself, she wasn’t surprised. ...more