Lauren Sheehan

I am the Feminine Rhythm! I am a 24 year old who is commited to global awakening. I teach people how to exude their authencity by helping them find and create the personal presence that is authentic, powerful and passionate so that they can attract what they desire from their heart into their life. I also teach women how to embody theit feminine essence so that they may be sources of radient light and pleasure on the planet and so they may have more passion in their relationships as well as their personal and professional lives.

The Sexual Essence Disconnect

   Over the past 30 or 40 years, women have been fighting for equality and power in a "man's world". Women have gained recognition in the working and corporate arena; we have more options, more choices, and more freedom....more

Gratitude Workout #2: The Freedom Jog

  Gratitude Workout 2: The Freedom Jog Run/Jog 5-20 minutes ( or more!), preferably outside Affirmation: I have my Freedom/ I author my own life Energy: Freedom, Joy, Power, Authorship ...more

Access your Feminine Essence in 3 easy steps!

Enjoy this video about 3 easy ways to access your feminine essence. It makes such a difference in how others perceive you as you will notice.What are your thoughts on personal presence? What makes a magnetic presence? Can you think of a woman you know or have seen who has a very feminine presence? What about them draws you in?...more

Getting off the Pills