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For 365 days, I 'blogged the roses' by recording three things I was grateful for every single day.  365 days. 365 blog entries. 1,095 things to be grateful for. And this is what I learned

What is Roses? If Sex and the City and Chicken Soup for the Soul had a love child, it would be Roses.

Tests I've Failed

Is this a test? Only a test?http://www.chicagonow.com/stop-and-blog-the-roses/2013/10/tests-ive-failed/...more

All I really need to know about marriage I learned from the Kardashians

All I really need to know about marriage I learned from Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Blog post here ~ http://www.chicagonow.com/stop-and-blog-the-roses/2013/10/kardashian-jenner-lessons-on-love/...more

10 Lessons from Stars of the Golden Age

10 Lessons from Stars of the Golden Age ~ Check it out here.Would you have kicked Elizabeth Taylor out of your birthday party? Would you have let Frank Sinatra kick that guy out? I don't know but Ava Gardner's vision is also mine :)...more

5 Reasons to GO to your HIGH SCHOOL REUNION

Why should you go to your high school reunion when you've got Facebook to keep in touch? You can't do THESE FIVE THINGS on Facebook ~ Read blog post here....more

Princess Diana and the Royal Boy: Is she watching?

People are saying "Poor Diana, she's not here to see the birth of her grandchild."Yes, that is true.But, as Harry said about his brother's wedding, "she had the best seat in the house."It's not the same - at all - and it's very sad but she is not completely absent.  I believe she - they - are all here.That's all.Carry on. Cheerio. Crumpets for everyone!~~~...more

If my favorite movie characters from the 80s & 90s had iPhones

I once asked author Jennifer Weiner a question on Twitter about whether she feels the need to incorporate social media in her books now, as opposed to her first book that came out in 2001 before the days of Facebook and Twitter.  She kindly tweeted me back, stating that she actually does because a book set in the present would feel 'tone deaf' without it.Ah, yes, I can see that.  I knew she'd have good advice....more

Boobs in the Workplace: A Guide to Summer Office Attire

I spent many years working at a law firm and a large accounting/consulting firm.During that time, the writer in me couldn't help but make some observations. Hope this is helpful. Feel free to print it out and post it in the common area of your office when no one is looking.Read 10 tips HERE!...more

Do you believe in signs?

And miracles, for that matter.The world is made up of two kinds of people - the believers and the non-believers.I am in the former and that's how I ended up being the weirdo at Dunkin Donuts the other morning.The Long Explanation -My grandfather sends me pennies.  Yes, he died 12 years ago.  Yes, pennies.Usually in the threes....more

Make 2013 a Year of Gratitude - GIVEAWAY

Record three simple things you're grateful for every single day for one year.  See what happens.Keep Roses on your nightstand and make 2013 a year of gratitude.You can enter to win Stop and Blog the Roses, the book/calendar/gratitude journal, at ChickLitPlus.com until Dec 31. Here is the link ~ http://chicklitplus.com/giveaway-stop-blog-roses-fern-ronay-2/...more

Eggnog: Love it or Hate it, 16 Facts about it

Eggnog: Love it or Hate it, 16 Facts about it...more