Lizze Gorski

I am a SAHM with Fibromyalgia, chronic migraines & Asperger's (to name a few). I am working everyday to raise 3 wonderful sons with Autism & health issues of their own. I use photography, blogging, reading & writing book reviews, art and poetry therapy to try and stay sane 1 day at a time.

While Sharing a Piece of Our Lives, I Stunned My Son's Doctor into Silence

While in the Emergency Department with Rob and Gavin last week I had the chance to speak with one of Gavin’s treating physicians while Gavin was having his MRI. Without meaning to, I stunned him into an uncomfortable silence. I don’t think his years of medical training had prepared him for the unexpected turn our conversation was about to take.I suppose I’m getting ahead of myself here. Allow me to begin at the beginning…...more
You did a really good thing. What you said may have helped that doctor remember the humanity of ...more

Macular Holes: I almost lost my ability to do something I love, read.

One of the things I post often here at My Life Beyond Labels are book reviews. While I love nothing more than the feel, the weight and yes, even the smell of a physical book I switched to ebooks about a year ago because my Fibromyalgia and hand tremors were making it difficult to read physical books.When I began reading ebooks, I was using a NOOK I used the standard settings, which are much like a standard book – white background with black text. I was fine with these settings and had no issues reading whatsoever....more