I am a mom of three daughters, and a volunteer firefighter living in the midwest. I am engaged to a great man who supports my crazy choices! I enjoy gardening, and crafting in many forms. I am an avid cook, who really likes to experiment with different recipes.

I have had many experiences in my life and over come a lot of challenges as well. I am a protective mom which annoys my kids at times. I want them to have healthy happy lives where they know who they are and what they want out of life.

I am opinionated when comes to equal opportunities in all areas. I believe that employees make the company and that many companies could use a more "public" friendly attitude. After all isn't it a proven point that a community is only as strong as the weakest family? It is time to make a difference in our own lives, and in our own communities.

Voices of a Small Town

I gave myself a challenge several days ago. I was out and about in my community during the last few days and started asking questions. I spoke with a woman on main street and asked her what our community could do to improve. After she stopped looking at me like I had two heads her reply was simple. Better and more businesses. You see most of our main street does have businesses, but some of the older buildings are falling apart. So for some of those businesses it is a constant struggle to stay in business. ...more

Sense of Community

What does community mean to you? In my opinion it means a place that not only helps each other but supports each other. One big change from Minnesota to North Dakota is a sense of belonging. The community I moved from was truly a community. It was a special place to raise a family, and we all miss it....more

Responsible Communities

In today’s world we as moms face any number of challenges in raising our children. Technology is an ever increasing tool and challenge to parenting. Our local school applied and received a grant to provide a majority of the kids Ipad's this school year. I consider myself a mild techy, however, I am a loss this year. The school gave us specific instructions as how to set up an email and an iTunes account for our children that they will be using this year....more