Maribel QM

Hi, my name is Maribel and I am not a writer (at least not by trade). I started this blog because I've been having a love affair with reading for so long that I decided it was time to learn how to write as well. 
So forgive me if my writing is not up to par with other more exciting and intelligent bloggers. I simply write about my life experiences and the ideas that occur to me. And while you, my dear reader might find some of these thoughts to be brilliant or moving, don't expect that to always be the case. But I promise to try my best to keep you properly entertained. ~ M 

Stone Soup Mondays: Best Blog Posts from September 18th to September 26th

Back again for another installment of Stone Soup Mondays, an open thread that collects the best things you read on the Web and compiles them in one space to extend the lifespan of a great blog post by two weeks. If you missed this series in the past, please click here to read more about the impulse behind the idea. ...more
I would like to add some vegetables into the soup and share this wonderful blog post by Heather ...more