The Obama Obsession: After The Election

One thing America can take into account about the GOP when they're called into accountability for their funky behaviour toward the President Of The United States, is their staunch insistence of "I'm not a racist!" How many times has Donald Trump, Bill O'Reilly or Ann Coulter issued that utterance when making the talk circuit rounds to either make another book sale or talk dirty about the election? There were certain considerations the people of America had to consider when assessing who's better for the country and why....more

When A Man Cries...

 I've been a regular little raindrop as of late, releasing waterworks on the regular; everything from Reality TV to Soap opera drama to short story paragraphs to special Nightly News "Making A Difference" segments. Whenever the storm comes, I just suck it up and blame it on female emotions. Women crying is just the norm and an acceptable part of our genetic makeup.  Men, on the other hand, get a raw deal in this scenario....more

Stacey Dash: "The Most Controversial Black Actress Today"

 First off, that controversial quote comes from Piers Morgan as he introduced the former 'Single Ladies' actress, Stacey Dash to his guest platform on Tuesday night. It appears that Ms. Dash has gotten bucket loads of attention, most negative, since she took to Twitter to endorse Mitt Romney for President- citing how he was the only choice for our future. Okay, this is America and we do (thank God) have freedom of speech and choice, so, I'm not the one to judge how people should vote. I am also not in favor of how people have reportedly reacted to Ms....more

The Basics of Writing & Editing...

Okay, I’m leaning toward an apologetic plea for forgiveness from all of my readers. You see, I’ve sent out stuff that obviously needed re- editing and I tend to do this often. So, for those readers who still follow me after such grammatical screw ups? I’m sorry you have to suffer through that, truly I am. Recently, I submitted a piece, great piece… might I add, on the how tos of living and learning from life experiences....more

What Does "Hell" Look Like?

I cannot believe I wrote this article in 2006! And, yes, we're still friends:) Roommate From Hell! By Clara B. Freeman Sept. 12, 2006 I remember having experienced it, almost like it happened yesterday, when in reality, it happened two years ago; the week I spent my nights sleeping next to the roommate from hell! That painful time burns like a lighted candle inside the matter of my brain cells....more

Kim Kimble: Celebrity LA HAIR Stylist

I know Reality TV viewers have heard of Ms. Kim Kimble-celebrity hairstylist to African-American celebrites! Although her salon include all ethnicities, the majority of her clients are mostly black celebrities like Mary Jo Blige, Eve, Kelly Roland, Shari Headly and Ms....more

Farmer Joe

In June, I went back home to visit family and take a much needed sabbatical from all of the hustle and bustle of a country girl living life in the big city mentality. I was glad to get home, see the flatlands of a Southern diaspora and spend quality time with family and loved ones....more

Rodney King: In Remembrance

These are my thoughts today regarding Rodney King. Although he wasn’t a Celebrity in the usual, his was the face of something bigger in this country: a symbol  for peace. Rodney King's brutal attack duing the Los Angeles Riots shone a spotlight on “Police Brutality!”. Carrying a weapon makes people feel powerful. When one is authorized and given permission to do so? That’s HUGE! On the real, though, what kind of world would we have without protection of its people?...more

BasketBall Wives Reunion- Part 2

So I know folks are waiting to read my take on Basketball Wives Reunion-part2, cause that’s what I do, I’m a g-mogul:) Frankly, I’m sick & tired of writing and dishing on these women, so glad to be getting a break! Anyhoo, was a bit touched by Evelyn’s crocodile tears and apologing to Jennifer-how long the two stay reconciled is another subject altogether. And Evelyn, for a friend? you did tell too much. Tami denied bullying Kesha. Did we expect anything else coming from Tami?...more

So...How's The Book Coming?

So, this morning I'm learning about "bullet points" those important steps to writing your book's back cover. My summation from this is you've got to hit em hard and hit em heavy when trying to gain a prospectvive book buyer- answering the 'why' I should buy question seems to be the main objective for adding bullet points. Okay, I'm not exactly a newbie at writing a book. I self published an ebook, hello! Still, the idea of writing a book is a beautiful thing. Taking action to move that idea to actual fact, is another....more