Francesca Grossman

A northeastern mother of two wacky ones. Educator, Writer, Education Writer mostly. I love wallpaper, french fries and essays about objects. My husband and my sister are my two favorite friends which doesn't make me unique but does make me lucky as sin.


Your Father; A Short Letter to My Son

Your father and I met a million years ago, in a place across the country that felt across the universe. He was young, and foolish and sweet and perfect. I still think all of those things about him. I was young and a little less foolish and a little less sweet and a little less perfect. It’s true. He had had one girlfriend, me a lot of boyfriends, and our romance started and still exists in the little things. We don’t really give each other gifts. Maybe flowers, always a card, but never something that we’d have to really concoct. Nothing tangible....more