Freedom Miles

I'm a lawyer, new mother, and amateur bodybuilder (struggling to get her competition figure back after child birth). These are my loves, thoughts and challenges during this new phase in my life. I am starting over from scratch - like a self imposed rebirth. I am ready for the challenge. Hope you enjoy reading about my journey.


A few weeks ago, I received notice that I was “On call” to serve as a juror in the United States District Court of the Northern District of Georgia.  The notice explained that for a 2 week period I could possibly be called in to serve.  It further requires the juror to call in every day during the 2 week period to see if your will have to report.   I called in and I was instructed to report on the first day.  As a lawyer, I am more than familiar with the process.  I have tried jury trials and I have been called to serve as a juror. ...more

The Kardashian Kollection for Sears?

  Okay, I know what your thinking.  The Kardashians for Sears?  Yeah, that was my reaction at first too.  I haven't shopped at Sears for clothing since I was 9 years old and I haven't missed it one bit.  And the thought of yet another celebrity clothing line makes my head hurt.  But when the Kardashians announced the presale of their collection yesterday, I ...more
Well, maybe if I was 20 to 25 years younger this could be my style. Of course, it is always a ...more

Motherhood Guilt

I look at my daughter and how sweet and innocent she is and I can't help but feel a little guilty. Sometimes I feel guilty that I brought her into this world....more

Your post captured my daily struggle. Just last night I had a tiny glimpse into 'almost pain' ...more

Practicing 'Warrior' Faith

I used to 'date' this guy that I met at a 'wing ding' - a hole in the wall type restaurant that sells chicken wings.  We met when I was in law school and although our romantic relationship did not last, we remained friends.Once, during one of our dating periods,we had a conversation about me being worried and stressed out about something.Now, he and I rarely had any conversations of substance, so this was rare.   He was not the type of person that I would normally go to for advice, he was a playboy generally not interest ...more

I love your comment "when we pray, we are expecting God's (best) outcome." So true.