Megan Cobb

At FriedOkra, Megan Cobb serves up laughter and inspiration from her home in the Chicago suburbs, sharing her honest, practical thoughts on style, food, marriage, parenting – and pretty much whatever else comes to mind – in words and pictures.   

A stubbornly still-hot forty-something wife and Mom to two, Megan writes about what's warm and cozy, beautiful and real from her kitchen, from her closet, and most of all, from her heart.  

Megan is also a fashion contributor at <a href = "">Simple Design</a> and Together in 10, and a co-host of the increasingly popular weekly synchroblog for all things parenting, <a href = "">The Parent 'Hood</a>.

I'm a Praise Junkie, and I Hate It

I'm going to vent a little bit of my crazy here.  And not just because I need to write to process the crazy, but also because it seems like when I vent my crazy, others come up alongside me in that crazy, and I think knowing we're not alone in our crazy makes all of us feel better....more
Good to know we're not alone!  I'm thankful I wrote this, if for no other reason than to pull ...more