Victoria Sconion

I'm a mom of 4 kids, 2 girls and 2 boys. I am in a polyamory marrage and I love what I do. Blogging has been a way to express myself about what I love, my life, and what I don't like. I have used blogging as a way to communicate with other people with the similarities we have. My blog has grown from just beauty to a lifestyle blog that touches on family, money, kids, food, and spirituality. But our family isn't like any normal family. We are on a journey of living to self-sufficient and we deal with a numerous of health issues with over 15 food allergies from our family. I blog about ways to make and save money, product and services reviews, food, health, and my personal beliefs on the law of attraction. 

I love what I do because I can talk about the things that I love. I get to meet awesome people who share the same interest and I can also teach them that just because we struggle with the daily everyday life we can still balance the other important things into our life by simply going with the flow and finding your passion. 

How I Lost 10lbs within 1 Month using Garden of Life

During my transition from meats, sugars, and starching foods I learned some interesting facts about herbs, fruits, veggies, and different sprouts. ...more

Review about VSN Extreme Lead and Traffic Autopilot Generator

Networking is very important, you may not be interested in someone else's business opportunity, but you never know if you meet the right person to help you along in any business. I was introduce to VSN by a friend who I met through another social media outlet....more

The Blog Workshop Online Conference 13'

One of my goals last year was to attend at least one conference, event, convention, etc in order to build my skills and knowledge, but as the years progressed. I have allowed the universe to grant me the opportunity to attend The Blog Workshop Online Conference....more

Online Marketing Newbies

Someone cried out for help last night asking how do they get started. There are so many different programs that you can be apart of that will bring in more cash, prizes, gift cards, freebies, and more to your door and if you're not careful you can join so many and get overwhelm. ...more

What's Your Purpose?

I'm very a perfectionist when it comes to the quality of the posts I provide. I'm sorry if you guys are looking for something inspiring to come out, but I just haven't had anything to bring to the table. Until now ...more

Recipe | Chicken Sausages & Rice - Allergy-Free

I thought I share this recipe that I made up for my family that are allergy-free (what we are allergic to). These are consider healthy and very tasty! This is one of the kids' favorite. The chicken sausages is organic and grass-fed from the grocery store. It's a little on the spicy side, but not too much that my hubby and the kids can't handle (they hate spicy). I used Saymmm.comto make this recipe to share which has been and always will be my favorite website/services....more

Being Opened-Minded Can Earn You Some Cash

I know certain topics can be sensitive and I respect those who choose to stay mum about receiving public assistance. I'm not becaue when I was a struggling working mom I relied on public assistance to help me with getting food that I was not able to get. ...more

Vote for me to Win $5000 Towards Our Community!

Please Vote for us in the Good Maker Challenge! ...more

A little Late: Meatless Monday