Donna Williams

Hi, I'm Donna, and I'm a junkaholic. My passion is creating cool decor for my home out of salvaged finds. Beginner building projects, photography, and plenty of inspiring DIY is served up weekly. I'm also an outdoor fanatic, mom of a teen son, and two cats that charm me to pieces. 

How to Make a Pallet Wood Table

I finally created my quirky junk-styled pallet wood coffee table I planned for a year or so. The cost? Absolutely free. It's original and handmade from scratch. It is the PERFECT size for our room, and I couldn't be more pleased. Here's how I did it!...more
I love the rustic look of the wood pallet table! I used to do some pallet DIY stuff myself, ...more

Makeover Monday: Recycled Pallet Wood Dressing Room

I'm not crazy about hanging up clothes. Truly, I've had this "issue" since ... forever. So when a blank wall kept staring at me while my clothes were slung all over my bed, I came up with a plan. I dreamt the wall was loaded with hooks so I could merrily throw my clothes against it like some carnival game, hoping they'd catch! Fun!  ...more
I think it would be perfect in a mud room!! Looks greatmore