Genealogy Brings Treasured Letter From the Past

Ever musing - my mind turned to letters. You may remember them. Quaint old fashioned things that were typically hand written, in cursive, folded carefully, sometimes perfumed, placed in an envelope and mailed.  They were delivered by a mail person; they usually brought a smile and an “Oh look! She wrote to me again,” response....more

Can Your Daughter Pick Up a Hammer?

Inspired by the recent question blogged here "Can Your Teenager Use a Hammer"? I thank the writer. Her original question brought a lot of fun with it. I thought I would add to the discussion and tell you about a child I know.When that child was 18 months old she helped her dad rewire an old lamp. Deed done, with a mind of her own she dressed to go to the fair. She was not sure what a fair was but she was going in her brother's fireman's hat, feather boa, black patent purse, jeans and shiny shoes....more

My Heroes: Parents of the Immigrant Child

The children of 9/11 have amazed me.  At that fateful time they were involved and wanted to help. They drew and wrote greeting cards for those suffering. Today they want to know the brutal history; they willingly step up to a microphone and offer their aspects and opinions. Some of those children, now adults have heard the call to action and joined the military....more

Two African American Actors Speak Out On Obama

Blogger Turned E-book Author:Deborah H Bateman

@Lily Brenner Lily so glad you enjoy Deborah, thank you for stopping by and reading this and ...more

President Obama's Opposing UN Speeches: 2010 vs 2011

 I listened to President Obama’s address to the UN September 21, 2011. Overall he thinks the world is doing rather well, democracy is breaking out. He did not address the potential financial tsunami headed for Greece and by proxy the rest of us....more

Strauss-Kahn Gives 1st French Interview: He regrets 'liaison' with hotel maid:

13 million people reportedly heard Dominique Strauss-Kahn when he was interviewed by his wife’s close friend and former colleague. It was his first interview since returning to France two weeks ago. With a gorgeous backdrop of the city of Paris behind him DSK explained that what happened was “ a weakness…a moral failure”. He said “I deeply regret it and I believe I haven’t come to the end of my regrets”....more

I Don't Know How She Does It All: Movie Review

Sarah Jessica Parker stars in this new movie as Kate Reddy, a working Boston based professional woman narrating the action to the audience as she juggles familial, career and social quandaries.  Rated PG-13 it is billed as a comedy. It advertises itself as “Fun, sexy and smart”....more
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Teacher Heroes

She was a young teacher, new to her ‘trade’. She was enthusiastic. She saw the potential in each student. She was planning her wedding, exciting, heady days to be sure but she did not lose her focus. Kids first second and last. And not just any kids but adolescents, the worst kind. Adolescents from a working class area. Their futures? Working in retail, the factories, blue collar trades....more

Republicans Win Both Special Election Seats: What Do You Call This?

It was unthinkable that in a district where Democrats outnumbered Republicans 3 to 1, where Chuck Schumer and Geraldine Ferraro once reigned that a Republican would win. But win Bob Turner did. This rare Democratic loss in its own heartland of "the faithful" partnered with a landslide victory for the Republican in Nevada on the same night....more