The Debt: A Movie review

“The Debt” keeps you on the edge of your seat with a sense of foreboding that begins with the opening scene and does not end until the credits roll. Not so much a movie you enjoy it’s more a movie you experience. Israeli trained Mossad secret agents, clandestine dangerous missions, wire cutters, guns, martial arts, dark nights, trained operatives, seconds to spare, male female tension, lives entwined. A pact, a bond, like slip blocks they are welded together through proximity and drama....more

Genealogy Brought A Letter FromThe Past

Ever musing - my mind turned to letters. You may remember them. Quaint old fashioned things that were typically hand written, in cursive, folded carefully, sometimes perfumed, placed in an envelope and mailed.  They were delivered by a mail person; they usually brought a smile and an “Oh look! She wrote to me again,” response....more

Dog Fair Vet: My Hero

Some dogs never get a chance to strut their stuff. She decided to organize a community dog fair. There dogs of all breeds and conditions could compete and be adored. It worked, dogs of every variety attended. At one event there was a blind malamute, a deaf chocolate Labrador and a three legged poodle. The categories ranged from “meat head”, to “most like owner”. to “most impervious to human commands”. to “Most like a movie mutt” and “vet's favorite”....more
@Denise Denise drop by next Friday I will have another one for you. I am showcasing ...more

Cleanse my face with what???

What was I thinking? My make up needed some simplifying. The most pressing problem was cleansing. Dust, makeup, sweat, road fumes, unidentified toxins on the face. Solution  = remove it to get that healthy, clean, refreshed glow.  How? One way is to use wet cleansing towelettes....more

Jehmu Greene and the National Discourse.

Citizen Hero: The ice cream man

Women in the area were terrified. Their partners were worried. He lay in wait for them, prone, hidden under their vehicles. His feet near one of the rear tires of their car, head near the other on the driver's side. He waited in the dark. Quietly. Patiently. Malevolently. As a woman opened her vehicle door he grabbed her ankles. She fell back, head slammed against roadway. He savagely sexually assaulted and beat her....more
Victoria thanks for dropping by. Yes indeed, I did not see him, he was so well hidden. The ice ...more

Bullet Proof Mama: The Original Spider Skin Woman


Cell Phones and Social Media in Irene.