I used to laugh at people who baked Quest bars until I tried it ...

(This is NOT a sponsored post. I bought the Quest bars with my own cash money -- but I did have a coupon.) I've had a conflicted relationship with Quest bars over the years. I tried them when they first came out and had, uh, gastric issues with them ....more

'Do you think this is your fate?': A brain dump in 1 act

I had someone ask me the other day, after telling them my weight-loss life story: "So do you think this is your fate?" To which I replied: I mean, while heredity, age, thyroid function, tortilla chips, metabolism, prior dieting all figure into the equation, making things harder, there is no "This is my fate" towel throwing. Although I am going to make an appointment with an endocrinologist because ... This ish is ridic ....more

Tunes for Tuesday: The Walker, by Fitz and the Tantrums

Another fun workout song by this LA-based band ....more

Review: BoomShop is not your Mama’s online store

Being of a certain age, I’m keenly aware of products, ads and websites geared toward Baby Boomers. I have not fallen and yes, I can get up. I also am not in need of elastic-waist clamdiggers, Velcro-strapped sneakers or jazzy canes ....more

Tunes for Tuesday: Sing, by Ed Sheeran

Brand new song and sound for the redheaded Brit. Great mid-tempo song for a workout mix ....more

tweak, tweak, tweak ...

... that's the sound of my...more

Guest post: Calories are not created equal

Here's a great article from Life Fitness, which makes my fave exercise machines at the gym. (The back extension is my current fave -- my lower back has never felt so strong since I've been using it three times a week.) This post is not sponsored in any way. I just totally agree with this, and since I've been "upgrading" my calories, weight loss has been somewhat easier ....more

Tunes for Tuesday: All My Life, by Foo Fighters

(Nope, no April Fools stuff -- have I told you that I DESPISE pranks and practical jokes?) I call this song my "plateau buster" -- I busted through a huge plateau a couple weeks ago and all I could think of was the end of this song: "Done, done, on to the next one." This album makes for a particularly bad-ass soundtrack at the gym ....more

A surefire way to stall your weight loss!

It's very easy to take your eating plan from that of losing weight to that of not losing weight. Here are a couple of ways. Do this every night and you'll see your weight loss stagnate -- I guarantee it! ...more

Tunes for Tuesday: Unbelievers, by Vampire Weekend

I have to remind myself not to run to the pace of most Vampire Weekend songs or I'll get gassed! ...more