A couple of random thoughts. Sprinkled with some moments not to be forgotten. A girl, her travels and dreams.

Travel is in my genes. I can’t even remember my first trip as I was only a couple months old then. Nothing makes me happier than having a ticket booked and a map. Maybe just taking the first step of each journey.

Between travels I work in communication trying to use my technology & business knowledge to save oceans. I’m also a zumba and slow food maniac!

Last walk in Paris - Part 1

Original post on Sunday, it’s been dark for some time and the city is sparkling with lights. I’m leaving the cafe on the corner of Notre Dame, wave final goodbye to the loveliest waiter I’ve met there, I know he won’t call, I know I won’t write... but sometimes a half an hour talk about nothing and a sweet note hidden on the back of the bill is just enough. There will be no broken promises nor hearts, just a sweet memory....more