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I am a former middle school teacher, a current law student, and a zealous warrior on the side of the angels. Also, I believe in full fat dairy products. Fuck low-fat yogurt.


I blog at Unnatural Forces about international and counterterrorism law (when asked!  I take requests!), rape survival, and feminism, and post way too many pictures of my cats.  Once you see the pictures, though, you'll forgive me my indulgences.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder: The Lady Thing I Won't Talk About. Even With Feminists.

So, I have been thinking (ahahaha, I know, right?  Because we ladies, we NEVER do that too much.  Sigh).  And it was because of the Jezebel post about the MTV True Life episode, which I just watched, on Body Dysmorphic Disorder. ...more

I could have written this post. Actually you have said exactly what I have been trying to ...more