5 things about today that are extremely important to know

1.  Every single one of my children got mail today.  Me? I got a bill. Aren't I lucky? 2.  I'm sick.I'm trying not to overdo it. And I think it's actually working.  ...more

A Christian Mom in Counseling

I have been going to see my counselor now for about 2 months--give or take a little ....more

Winner of True Beauty: Deny Yourself

I would like to announce the winner of Lisa Chan's True Beauty: Deny Yourself DVD.   ...more

How To Make Reading Fun: Even YOU Can Speak In Two Different Voices

Reading out loud to your kids does not need to be something you do just to get it down.  Just because you are supposed to.  Just because the "experts" tell you to.  (although in this case I must agree with the experts)But anyone can do it.  There are three things to remember ....more


I posted this well over 3 years ago.  It had to have been.  I haven't worked for the clinic since Squirt was born and now he is three.  (I honestly cannot believe that)I read this today and thought This is still very true.  Especially in my life. I apologize for the poor editing. It was a long time ago when I thought I would be cute to not capitalize anything and it would take a lot of work to fix ...more

Deny Yourself: True Beauty Video Series by Lisa Chan

Disclaimer: I was given a copy of the video to preview and offer as a giveaway.  ...more

How to Make Reading Fun: No Voices Necessary

One of my favorite things to do when reading to my kids is to try to make up voices. But let's face it. Sometimes I am really too exhausted to give it much effort.I know it's hard to believe.But there are other easier techniques to reading out loud ....more

The Truth of Easter

Today is Resurrection Sunday.  Most people call it Easter.  ...more

How To Make Reading Fun: Starting Simply

Reading is fun when you can actually hear the different characters. But it takes a while to be able to do many voices. Keeping them straight is undeniably difficult ....more