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Vegan Las Vegas Is Hard Work

When I first realised we were heading to Vegas, I used the power of the Google to see what vegan fare might be around. I was happy to see there was one blog about vegan options and even a casino which promised to have edible vegan options at every meal, at every restaurant....more
When my husband and I stayed in Vegas, we stayed at the Wynn/Encore resort. There was tons of ...more

The New Facebook: Love It or Hate It?

I know new is often met with contempt -- very few people roll with change -- but the new Facebook feed goes beyond dislike for many people. It steps over a line of control, removing it from the user and placing it in the hands of an algorithm. It steps over a line of privacy, revealing information in real-time. People are so focused on those changes that few are talking about new ideas such as the Open Graph which will allow you to never, ever leave Facebook again except to... perhaps... pee. You will be able to watch shows, listen to music, read the newspaper -- all from Facebook. ...more
I'm also leaning over to google+ FB is just really annoying now. more