Gladys Tells All

You know the woman in your neighborhood who knows everything going on? You know the relative who has all the recent gossip? You know the church member who knows who was at the bar the night before? That would be me, Gladys.

Health Insurance is Killing Me

Where do I start?  The fact that I am uninsurable because an endocrinologist wrongfully diagnosed me with Pituitary Dwarfism or that I am uninsurable and can’t get treatment for possible breast cancer because of the wrongful diagnosis.  I have a family history of breast cancer. ...more

Things Aren't Always As They Seem

Things Aren't Always What They Seem ...more

Dear Gladys

Dear Gladys 10-19-09 ...more

Someone Is Sleeping In my Bed

Someone Has Been Sleeping in My Bed I wrote this story some time ago and thought I would share it with you.  I will warn you, it is long so I have split it into three parts.  This is part one.  I will post the next installment next Wednesday. ...more

Gladys Does Her Own Harper Valley PTA

I Want To Tell You All A Story About A Harper Valley Widowed Wife... Remember the song Harper Valley PTA?...more

National Bulling Prevention Week

National Bully Awareness National Bully Awareness is not about learning how to be a better bully.  It is about being aware if you are being bullied what to do.  It is also about recognizing if you are the one being a bully.  ...more

Sometimes Revenge Can Be Bile

Kahuna and I were watching Dr. Phil. Hey don’t judge. Anyway he had a bunch of little girls on his show, Dr. Phil not Kahuna, talking about bullies. American Girl, yeah the store with the really expensive clothing and dolls, is sponsoring a group of seminars for young girls who are victims of bullying....more

Going Where You're Looking

My mother used to tell me that I never looked where I was going....more

Getting My Mammories Grammed

I used to have health insurance.  That was a long time ago before the doctor decided I was a dwarf with a prune belly and a re-grown uterus instead of a middle aged healthy woman.   Back then I would go into my girly doctor and have my girly things checked.  I would always go about two weeks prior to my girly appointment to the torture room of doom.  I would go into the room and take off my shirt and my under things.  < ...more

My Worst Date, Well One of Them

My Worst Date, Well One of Them ...more