Cristina Roca is a serial entrepreneur and passionate crafter. She is also a freelance makeup artist, Talent scout and Journalist. Cristina Roca currently runs a series of crafty companies, including the one she started earlier this year keeping it family oriented. As a mother of three she sits on a variety of non-profit boards, and with the entertainment industry running through her veins, she battles each day one article at a time!

 "I'm a dreamer & a fantasizer... But I have a huge grip on reality. I have a strong heart & for a woman, let alone a person of my age, I have a very level head on my shoulders. I know what I want out of life & I know exactly how I am going to achieve all of that."

"My motto is simple... Be fabulous!"


Anti- Acne Formula

There is nothing more embarrassing than those acne pimples that break out at just the wrong time. Well, here’s a way that you can deal with them in a totally natural way. It turns out that apple cider vinegar is great for acne treatment and acne scars. Beat that Proactiv!...more