Lisa Carpenter

I am a long-distance grandma sharing quips, commentary and fun with grandmas, non-grandmas, baby boomers and more on the blog I started in 2009, Grandma's Briefs ( I'm also a freelance writer and copy editor, a mother to three adult daughters, a grandmother to two adorable grandsons, a wife of 30+ years, an owner of two dogs and two cats, and a lover of mangoes, pineapple and myriad other bits of fresh, fruity goodness. And pizza... always pizza.

Friends and food: To give or not to give

I have a lovely friend who's just a few centimeters away from having her first baby. She recently posted on her blog a great list of ways to assist a friend upon the arrival of her newborn, a list she was given by an equally lovely friend of ours. Many of the ideas include ways to help out by providing food, lasagna naturally being one of the suggestions. ...more

Excellent points all, Ashack. The asking truly *is* the extra special touch. I love to bake and ...more

How to Make Sure the Stuff You (or Your Parents) Leave Behind After Death Won't Be a Burden

My husband, Jim, and I spent a weekend with three of Jim's five siblings plus a couple nieces and nephews clearing out the storage shed that held everything from the last apartment Jim's mom lived in, her last home and the place she resided when a stroke unexpectedly ripped her from her life and plopped her down in a hospital bed to wait out her days. ...more

Not that I think I'll be able to follow them - my house is a mess of paper and hotel sized ...more