Kim Jorgensen Gane

Kim Jorgensen Gane is a freelance writer, living and working on Michigan’s sunset coast with her husband, youngest son, a standard poodle and a gecko. She’s been every-mom, raising two generations of kids over twenty-seven years. Kim writes on a variety of topics including parenting through midlife crisis, health and wellnesspersonal empowerment, politics, and about anything else that interests her, including flash fiction and her novel in progress, Bluebirds. Kim posts as KimGANEPossible  on, as well as on the Yahoo! Contributor Network and her own site, is a BlogHer '13 Voices of the year Honoree for her featured essay, "The Enlightened Middle Majority: Why 'the Sides' are Alienating Us," which will also make an appearance in the upcoming book, "51%: Women and the Future of Politics." The book is due out in 2014. If you would like to review the book, please submit your query to the editor, Terri Spahr Nelson, at Kim's blog can be found at  

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Am I the Only White Person in America Offended by Racism and the Tea Party?

If politics remains a taboo topic in polite conversation, then racism in politics represents the equivalent of suppression, of something whispered behind closed doors in the dim light of one flickering candle.  ...more

Fear Factor is Having a Newborn with Teenagers--From Lost in Suburbia Stories

Six long years.  SIX YEARS I waited for him to join our family due to a struggle with secondary infertility.  When he finally did make his arrival, he joined two teenaged sisters who were sixteen and fourteen.  My daughter was our oldest, my step-daughter became our middle, and the baby we finally managed to make together will definitely remain that; the baby.  Some of our scariest moments, biggest challenges and greatest rewards Lost [and sleepless] in Suburbia, definitely involved having teenagers and an infant in the house at the same time....more

There IS an Enlightened Middle Majority and Maybe I Should Have Googled It

It is midnight, with a looming government shutdown, and we are at an impasse over needed but flawed Healthcare Reform....more

Back-to-School with the Judy Blume Project: Jim Denney's 'Martian Girl' Part 2

We'd LOVE to see our cute little badge on YOUR blog!...more

Back-to-School with the Judy Blume Project: Jim Denney's 'Martian Girl' Part 1

We'd LOVE to see this cute little badge on YOUR blog!  ...more


I was working in our restaurant when a customer burst through the door and asked if we had a TV.  We did not, so he ran to his shop and brought us a little black and white one, the kind with the old rabbit ears....more

You Don't Have to Like Me or My Kid (and His Food Allergies)

Tonight is meet the teacher night at my son’s school.Every year, parents all over the world worry whether their child’s teacher will be good for him or her, or not.  I, and millions of parents like me, worry perhaps a little more than the average parent because my son has sensitivities to various foods.My stomach is in knots.While it’s true that nobody has to like my kid or me, he is a child, and he deserves to be treated with respect and equality and to have adults not contribute in any way to his feelings of being less than or singled-out or bullied....more
hayes080505 Thanks so much for stopping by.  I wish you and your son well.  I wanted to include ...more

The Fall of Disney's Princesses and What We're Really Witnessing

Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes and Miley Cyrus have all *enjoyed* early fame at the feet of the Disney machine (or in Bynes' case, Nickelodeon), and thanks to our greed for anything they once produced.  And then they’re not so cute anymore.    ...more
@epodonnell I think you're right about social media putting an end to our foolish youth being ...more