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Awards and Nominations is the winner of Best Local Blog 2011 in The Westender, Best Food Blog and Best Travel Blog in the 2010 Canadian Weblog Awards. In the same year, Melody also received four Foodbuzz Awards nominations and was nominated for Best Canadian Blog in the 10th Annual Weblog Awards.

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Melody is the founder of Vancouver Food Tour, an upscale culinary tour company that showcases local artisanal fare and restaurant gems throughout the city’s most vibrant neighbourhoods. Vancouver Food Tour is consistantly rated the #1 most popular Vancouver attraction by Tripadvisor. In early 2011, The Westender’s “Best of the City” edition awarded her the Local Entrepreneur of the Year title.

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Apart from her blog, Melody contributes locally to The Province Newspaper, 24 Hours Newspaper, Tourism Vancouver,, Granville Magazine, and Beyond Robson.

She is also a guest columnist for Serious Eats and other international publications.

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Bubo Pasteleria and Chocolatier in Barcelona, Spain

It was a dreary day in Barcelona, Spain. The drizzly, grey, and chilly weather dampened my mood much like the Pacific Northwest’s. Insistent on exploring solely by foot, I walked alone from my hostel near MACBA to the Museu Picasso. Recalling how I was a mere inch away from getting mugged (in a failed effort to find Adria’s burger joint), I conscientiously absorbed in the street’s spirit and simultaneously watched my back....more

Banana Brûlée with Ice Cream Recipe

… or rather, another non-recipe. Preparing dessert for dinner parties is my sore weakness. I have no problem throwing six savoury courses together but will gladly take up on anyone’s offer to bring dessert. I claim that baking cramps my style but in truth, working with flour, cream, and sugar in exact measurements frightens me....more

Watermelon Salad with Grilled Corn, Olives, and Goat Cheese Recipe

Juicy, sugary, and dribbly, watermelon is the ultimate fruit to feed a crowd with during summer parties. As lovable as they are when simply sliced up at a picnic or barbecue, this versatile fruit can easily transform into vibrant salads, frozen desserts, and even thirst quenching cocktails....more

Few people know that watermelon tastes great with a little bit of salt (call me weird, but it's ...more

Mango Salsa Recipe and How to Choose and Carve a Pineapple

Gracing tables at picnics, potlucks, or barbeques, this sunny summer salsa is always a hit.  This non-recipe is effortless to make too. Save slaving away in the kitchen for Thanksgiving. After all, it’s summer summer summer time....more

Best Guacamole Recipe from the Heart of Texas

The best guacamole I’ve ever devoured was whipped up by my Cowboy in a flash. Hailing from the heart of Texas where Mexican food and Tex Mex abounds, it made good sense for me to pick up some cooking tips from him.  ...more

Moroccan Orange Blossom Yogurt Mousse

Full to the gills and blushing from the wine, I proceeded onto dessert. That’s when the world stood still. ...more

It looks scrumptious!more

Summer cocktail with Watermelon and firey jalapeño

Sizzling summer barbecues and patio parties are ideal times for hydrating, natural fruit juice cocktails....more

Keep Calm and Eat Dessert - 2 Quick Emergency Recipes

Define "emergency". Is one ever in dire need of dessert? Sugarholics may argue "yes" and I am, of course, one of them. Here are some situations off the top of my head where throwing together an emergency dessert is necessary....more

Modern Tapas, yes! Shopping, no - Santa Caterina Market in Barcelona

I'm sure you've heard of the incredible markets in Europe. You've heard about the eccentric fish mongers, the ceilings covered with cured meats and the fruit picked freshly from nearby farms. In reality, while some markets are remarkable culinary gems, many are equally forgettable....more

Guilt Free Poutine - Skeptical?

The traditional Quebecois poutine consists of fresh French fries topped with cheese curds, then drowned in scalding gravy. It's not rocket science - this proud Canadian concoction of crispy fries, oozing cheese, and meaty gravy is mind-blowingly delicious. Sinfully delicious....more