A Yankee momma of 4 kids through birth and adoption, I blog about motherhood, marriage, and moving to the Deep South, living each moment by the grace of God.

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It's Okay to Let Your Baby Cry

She just wouldn't. stop. crying. I walked her. I bounced her. I shushed her. She cried. I offered the breast. The pacifier. A bottle. My finger tip. She wailed. I changed her diaper. I changed her clothes. I gently washed her face and burped her. She shrieked. I begged. I pleaded. I wept. She screamed. For hours, this went on. My breasts engorged, ached, and flooded my shirt with milk she wouldn't drink. Tears streamed down my face while my heart raced and my blood pressure rose....more
The memories of my inconsolable daughter's wailing kept me from having another baby for 9 years! ...more