Charlotte Hilton Andersen

Health and fitness writer for Shape magazine, Redbook and other publications and sites. Author of the Great Fitness Experiment book and blog. Mom of 5

Life Lessons From the Yoga Mat: You Have to Look Up to Lift Up [New study says if you want to be happy go dancing but skip the gym?]

Face down on my yoga mat is my least favorite position. Mostly because I never remember to wash the thing and it does a really good job as a “sticky mat” as evidenced by all the little flakes of my skin all over it. (Side note: If I ever go missing, use my yoga mat for DNA evidence ....more

New Study Shows Teen Girls See Sexual Violence As Normal; Game of Thrones Shows Why

Caption: She was on her own, so I made my move… and told the guys hassling her to back off. They were really crossing the line. (Taken from the ad campaign Make Your Move! ...more

Our Community Garden Adventure: How to Garden When You Don’t Have a Garden

Look at me doing my best farmer impression! It only occurred to me after we snapped the pic that the piece of hay in my mouth was laying on top of manure three seconds earlier. But hey, maybe I’ll start a new prebiotic trend: eating poo!...more

The Things We Do Not Say: Talking About the Unspeakable

“Silence is not the absence of something but the presence of everything” Something happened this weekend. It was heart-rending and immense and the repercussions will reverberate for a long time. And all weekend I’ve been trying to figure out how to write about it, because that’s how I deal with stuff ....more

Only in the Gym: The Ridiculous Things You Can Say Only While Wearing Spandex

“Wow, you’ve got a perfect snatch!” Yes, those words actually left my lips the other day. I was helping a friend with her...more

The Modern Woman’s Dilemma: Do You Get Workout Guilt? “I Used to Feel Guilty If I Didn’t Work Out… Now I Feel Guilty if I Do”

“Leaving so soon?” asked one of the personal trainers as my friend and I were leaving the gym the other morning. “Um, we’ve been here for an hour,” I shrugged apologetically although I really had no idea what I had to be sorry for. “Really?” he cocked an eyebrow ....more

Woman Proudly Bares Stretch Marks, Internet Freaks Out [Why We Should Love Our Tummies!]

I was all set to hate Sharny Kieser, I’ll admit it. I first came across her and her bikini pictures in an article declaring that moms should schedule a post-natal bikini shoot to have something to motivate them to not gain a ton of weight during pregnancy and to lose it all lickety-split afterwards. And she did say all that ....more

Do You Get “Hangry”? Science Says Hungry-Angry is Legit [Plus: 11 More Funny Food-Emotions]

Growing up, “food fight” didn’t necessarily mean gleeful spaghetti slinging or flour flinging, like in the movies. (Although there was the time my sister rolled in a plate of Jell-O. She was one ....more

The Things I Do Because I Love My Luna (I may have eaten cat food)

Our cat is not spoiled. I could just be in denial – after all, isn’t cat spoiling the stereotype? – but with four young kids I figure she earns her keep (and not just by keeping the mice out of the basement!) ....more

Oil Pulling Experiment Results! [My Teeth Are Not Whiter But I've Gotten Really Awesome At Charades]

A month ago I set out on a quest – a quest to find healthier teeth, a brighter smile and who my real parents are. (Kidding, mom and dad! I love you!) So I jumped on the oil pulling internet bandwagon and road that baby into the sunset! ...more