Melinda Briana Epler

Melinda Briana Epler has spent the majority of her life learning how to effectively create sustainable social change. As an award-winning filmmaker, artist, and writer, she has traveled across the globe creating mass media that provokes awareness and action. In addition to her work on nearly fifty documentary and narrative film projects, Melinda has written for numerous publications about local foods, local living, green design, edible landscaping, waste reduction, and community building. At her online publication One Green Generation, she inspires thousands of people each day to begin living a sustainable lifestyle. She recently founded Re-Vision Labs, a company that uses online and offline community engagement to generate movements around world-changing brands, projects, and ideas. Informed by years of directing media productions, leading community service projects, and studying group dynamics and infrastructure, Melinda has become a highly effective motivator and cultivator of online and offline communities. She believes emotional storytelling combined with creative imagery are the keys to conveying ideas, alluring interest, and inciting sustainable participation.

Have An Organic Valentine's Day!

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For next years´ Valentine´s Day!

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