Greenpeace Founder Jim Bohlen Dies at 84

Even long-time supporters of Greenpeace often don't know how the now-huge environmental organization got started. I was one of those blithe supporters -- until today, when I learned Greenpeace began with a simple, off-the-cuff comment from Jim Bohlen, who died last Monday of complications from Parkinson's disease. He was 84. ...more

I had no idea of the history behind the group, so thank you for bringing his legacy to light for ...more

Be Green, Get Lean: The Secret Benefits of Mass Transit

Want to drop a size or two without changing your diet or putting in more hours at the gym? Start taking public transit! ...more

Few facts...

New York is distinguished from all other American cities by its use of public ...more

Hope for My Inner Activist: Hands Across the Sand Takes on Oil Spill Blues

Last Saturday, I got to go to a celebrity-studded beach party for a few hundred in Santa Monica. That may sound like an exclusive Hollywood industry soiree, but it was actually a grassroots, environmental activist event called Hands Across the Sand -- open to anyone and everyone who came to Santa Monica beach. And actresses Amy Smart and Rosario Dawson just happened to be among the 500 activists who showed up. ...more

Hope you can add your smiling face to the photos at the next big environmental meetup :)


Green Bloggers React to Kleenex Hand Towels: This Isn't Really a Public Health Issue

Want to give your cozy bathroom that dingy, public toilet feel? Buy Kleenex Hand Towels! ...more

What if I told all of you that the reason I laughed at this commercial was because I already ...more

The Bulb Ban Cometh: Do CFL Bulbs Still Make You Cringe?

Have you stuck to your incandescent bulbs because the energy-efficient CFL lights make everything in the room look -- well, ghoulish? Then I have bad news for you: Come 2014, your favorite old bulb will likely no longer be on the market. ...more

Good to hear you got a 3-way CFL bulb! Would you mind sharing what brand bulb you got, since a ...more

How to Snap Out of Gulf Oil Spill-Induced Depression

I'm an environmental blogger, but I haven't been blogging about the Gulf oil spill. Sure, I linked to a few articles and videos here and there -- mostly to snarky, darkly funny, making-fun-of-BP type things like @BPGlobalPR, the fake BP PR twitter account that sends out hilarious tweets ("In case you missed our latest magic show, we made a fire vortex on the water! Tada!"). But blogging seriously about the oil spill? That I haven't been able to do. ...more

Wait -- I agree about cutting back on using fossil fuels individually, but I hope the post ...more

A Guide to Green Body Lotions

What's the greenest lotion of them all -- that feels good and moisturizes nicely? I've tried quite a few -- and I hope my reviews of will help you choose more easily and wisely without spending hours scanning ingredient labels and dollars trying out duds. Here are the best eco-friendly lotions I've found and use now: ...more
I've been using Andalou Naturals. They have a complete line of bath, body and hair care products ...more

Write a Bike-Ku for Bike to Work on May 21

Once you read this haiku, you'll want to two-wheel it to your nearest ice cream shop: Strawberry ice cream Is hard to carry by bike But it makes good paint ...more

Just entered. Thanks for the heads up ...more

Eco-Fails: When Good Green Goals Get Ugly

Going green while saving green often means creative DIYing. Turn old pants into a new cute handbag! Make your own jam in the exact flavor you want! Grow your own food to feel self-sufficient! And DIY projects often have a nice bonus: You feel more resilient, skillful, empowered. Except -- DIYing isn't so empowering if you suck at it. ...more
Hey, great article. I laughed a few times at this.more

EcoTuesdays for Green Biz Owners: Less Schmoozing, More Bonding

After a recession-related lull, new green businesses seem to be popping up like May flowers -- many started up by eco-minded women. If you're a green entrepreneur who wants to meet, network, and market to fellow eco-businesspeople in your neighborhood -- but just don't seem to run into the right people at business mixers, block out Tues., May 25 for an EcoTuesday event near you. ...more