Lighten Up for Spring with an Eco-Friendly Wristlet

Big winter purse weighing you down? I'm trying to declutter and lighten up the load I carry around this spring -- the better to leave my hands free for environmental activism -- or for a night out dancing at the latest green nightclub. Here are five cute little eco-friendly wristlets to consider: ...more

Earth Day for Newbies: Go Green With a Group

So every year, on Earth Day, you think: This year, I'll do -- something! Then the day's festivities end and all the hoopla around it disappears -- along with your resolution to do -- something. ...more

How Jaded Environmentalists Celebrate Earth Day

Tired of celebrating Earth Day? You're not alone. While many excited eco-newbies are participating in Earth Day on April 22, many not-so-new hardcore environmentalists may be feeling rather jaded. After all, Earth has not been "saved" in these last 40 years since the first Earth Day. We still burn lots of fossil fuels, create massive amounts of plastic waste, and continue to pollute our air and water. What's the point of celebrating Earth Day yet another year? ...more

I don't feel jaded, but rather hopeful. More than ever, we are recycling, have access to ...more

How Green Is Your Blog? From Eco Web Hosts to Green Power

How green is your blog? We often share tips on saving money and the environment by saving energy at BlogHer -- and of course, greening your blogging habit's part of that. But thanks to all the mixed messages and sometimes-shady green marketing out there, green blogging often sounds confusing or contradictory. How exactly does one green a blog? ...more

Glad I could help -- and good luck switching things over :)


Turn Your City Into a Pedestrian Paradise

I have pedestrian plaza envy. Last week, I visited New York and saw the now 9-months-old pedestrian plazas on Broadway for the first time -- and was very tempted to move east. ...more

I'm jealous you'll be visiting in May -- I was so cold last month, but I think the weather will ...more

Hate Plastic Bags? Get Your Friends to Help Ban and Tax Them

Sick of hearing "Bring your own bag"? The plastic bag issue's become such a ubiquitous eco-message the last few years that it's gotten tiring -- almost as tiring as the bags themselves: eco-blights that still litter our streets, oceans, and neighborhoods. ...more

Your site is also on our blog roll at GreenMoms. Love your blogs! I am not super twitter or ...more

Eco-Friendly Facial Cleansers: From Soap to Scrub to Eye Makeup Remover

Naturally clean, healthy, glowing skin's every eco beauty seeker's desire -- but the exploding eco-friendly beauty product market's got quite a few green-but-not-effective duds in it. And since each facial product really takes at least a month to show what it can do, finding a green and effective beauty product that works can be an excruciatingly long-term endeavor. ...more

I have used the Made from Earth Green Tea Cleanser since I was a teenager, when my mom bought it ...more

8 Green Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

1. Get out and drink. Take advantage of St. Patty's deals at your local green watering hole. Opt for local breweries -- or local bars and restaurants that serve organic beer! 2. Or drink at home. Stephanie Rogers at Earth First has a list of organic brews to pick from. Or throw a party and get some local keg beer, which Slate's Green Lantern is the greenest beer container -- as long as you drink from reusable glasses. ...more

At Miami University (Ohio)...we have green beer day. Obviously...the beer is green. I don't ...more

Reusable Snack and Sandwich Bags for a Zero-Waste Work Day

Do you pack your own healthy organic lunches and snacks for work or for your kids -- in disposable plastic baggies? I hope not, since I've posted about eco-friendly lunch boxes and totable utensils not too long ago. ...more

I have been making Reusable Sandwich and Snack Bags and they have been selling like "Hot Cakes" ...more

7 Eco-Friendly Diets: Live Green, Lose Weight, Save Money

Made a resolution to drop a few pounds this year? If you followed a popular, highly-marketed diet -- say, one that basically encourages you to buy sugary milk that could be contaminated with diarrhea-causing bacteria -- you've probably given up by now. ...more

I never had to worry about losing weight, as I always stayed on a ...more