A Reuse 2.0 Gift Guide for Women on the Go

Started toting a reusable bag back in 1999? Sick of seeing "bring your own bag!" blog posts a decade later? Then here's a green gift guide for you -- a Reuse 2.0 guide with new eco-items you never knew were available in reuse versions. Get them now and waste even less in 2010 -- ...more

It would be cool to use it, like they are in the photo, with flowering teas, like Numi ...more

Hope in Copenhagen: Women Bloggers Talk Climate Policy

Today began the Copenhagen Climate Talks -- a.k.a. COP15 Climate Conference, or the talks to come up with a "new" Kyoto treaty -- and people in 45 countries read about it first thing in the morning! ...more

You are everywhere! I just joined blogher and stumbled across this post, thanks again for the ...more

Avoid the hand dryer vs. paper towel conundrum with PeopleTowels

Got a treehugging friend who's already greener than green but still wants to make an eco-resolution for the new year? Here's an uber-green, eco-habit forming present to consider: PeopleTowels -- a reusable alternative to paper towels in public bathrooms. ...more

Yes, hair is another great option! Who needs towels?, I say.


Cheap, green, and easy ways to spend less on the holidays -- without feeling deprived

Pretty much everyone bemoans how consumerism's killed Christmas and other winter holidays -- and how much they want no part of that crappy-plastic-gizmo-giving, money-wasting dealio. Yet cheapo useless gifts seem to fly off the shelves every year. What gives? ...more

If only all marketers were as thoughtful as you are! Unfortunately, it's no secret that much ...more

Make your town's Thanksgiving celebrations eco-ethical

Think local. That's what you often hear when you try to adopt a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle. And it's true. Shop at your farmer's market, support local farming, buy from your neighborhood artisans, and you will help take a step toward changing the business-as-usual, made-as-cheaply-as-possible, un-eco and inhumane aspects of capitalist-lifestyle-as-is today. But making a lifestyle change isn't all that easy -- especially on the quick. ...more

Cheap, green, and easy: Watch funny eco-documentaries online -- free!

So you didn't see that well-reviewed green film in the theaters because you didn't want to fork over $12 for a ticket -- and didn't rent it either because you decided to spend the $4 on snacks and watch TV instead. Well, thanks to Hulu still being free and Netflix's "Play on computer" options, you can watch the great green documentaries you missed RIGHT NOW -- without spending a cent (assuming you're a Netflix member)! ...more

A Green Christmas that saves you green too

If you want a less stressful, less expensive, less wasteful holiday celebration -- without acting like an eco-grinch -- take a look at the new holiday book of the season: I'm Dreaming of a Green Christmas: Gifts, Decorations and Recipes That Use Less and Mean More by Anna Getty. ...more

I love docorating and giving gifts during chirtsmas, its a magical feeling but during this ...more

Cheap, easy and green: Win free food, shoes and shopping sprees

Get green goods you need without spending a dime by taking advantage of an eco-contest -- or 3! Spend less money and stay green by getting creative: ...more

Cheap, easy and green: Keep your electronics efficient

When shopping for electronics, we tend to be swayed by the the initial sticker price without looking at long-term costs -- both for our wallets and for the planet. Try these tips to save your hard-earned money while feeling good about reducing your carbon footprint too: ...more

Cheap, easy, and green: Get on a bicycle

Cycling has well-known health, social, and environmental benefits too, but the transportation mode's money-saving qualities may trump them all in this economy! If you're tired of paying at the pump, get a bike for nearby errands and pay quite a bit less -- or maybe even get rid of a second car or go car-free altogether for maximum savings! Some ways to get started, eco-nomically: ...more


Haven't been on a bike in at least 5 years.  Would love to start, but my ...more