Anna Hackman

I am a lawyer who is now a stay at home mom of 4 turned green blogger. I built my house a couple of years ago using alot of green materials for my children, who suffer from allergies and learning issues. Was the enviroment that we live in the cause? I think so, and my mission was to build a house where their immune systems would not be compromised every day by the chemicals around us. As I was finishing my house, people were always asking me multiple of questions ranging from green products to recycling. I started for many reasons: to help other to turn green using my own personal experiences to guide them (if I can do it so can you), I still had questions and needed help too, and lastly I wanted to create a community where people could share their green experience as to what works and what doesn't to help other travel this green journey. So far it has been a trip. Come along for the ride. I guarantee it will be interesting....

Arsenic in Organic Brown Rice Syrup

A recent Dartmouth study revealed certain products containing organic brown rice syrup as a major ingredient contained high levels of cancer causing inorganic arsenic. The products tested were toddler formula, cereal bars, and high performance energy products....more
And it's BACK..... The Arsenic in Rice (now in White & Brown rice).  Soon we won't be able to ...more

Swap 'Til You Drop On!

How many times have you heard, “Mom, I am bored of this game? Buy me a new one!” Perhaps, you’ve just bought another book (again), finished it, put it on the shelf to never open it again. You are tired of spending money on games, books, or CDs that you or your family gets bored of so quickly. Unfortunately, this is the age of instant gratification. So how do you spend less, and enjoy more? ...more

Green Talk, a new blogger at BlogHer

I am so excited to have found this website where more people can share in my passion. I started my blog, Green Talk, a couple of months ago as an outgrowth of my experiences of building my house a couple of years ago with a lot of green materials. All four of my children have allergies and/or learning issues, and I am convinced that the building materials that we use and the environment that we live in have played a hand in their issues. ...more

My girlfriend and I plan to build our own house someday and it will definitely be green. We ...more