Gretchen Wright

I am a wife and a mom who loves her Lord and has been blessed ridiculously by Him. I have been given my Man and four children to love. We live, laugh, and learn together as we travel on our homeschooling adventures. We are "the Pastor's family" and are priviledged and honored to serve as such--most days!

My Blogs

How to Make Your Gal Grin...{a little}.

My Man and my kids had been working hard outside all morning....more

The Demise of Mr. Cranky Pants

“Mom, can you even believe those folks in the theater?” “Which ones Kate, the children or the grown man and his family?”...more

Pasta Pronto!!! {When you need dinner in a hurry}

There are times in the life of a family for a luxurious meal around the table with a nice main dish flanked by side dishes of various shape and color. The meal takes nearly as long to consume as it does to prepare, and those seated around the table are at their leisure to enjoy the food set before them. Silverware clanking and voices mingling over good food and happy hearts.However...There are also times in the life of a family where ball practices and youth events and street hockey and theater camp toss a wrench into the lovely family dinner ideal...and that's ok if your family is prepared ....more

Writing: Can we make it less painful?!

It's nearing the end of June and I'm just now getting settled into a cozy/crazy summer but the realist in me knows that school planning is just around the corner. Today, Nikolas Baron from Grammarly is guest posting with some suggestions and tips to lend a hand as we encourage young writers to achieve new heights. Written work can be a problem for many students, including homeschoolers ....more

Happy Father's Day to my Man!

It seems that every year by the time Father's Day arrives, summer is at a fevered pitch and the celebrating of my Man as a...more

All was Right in My World...and Then Some

My Man had been gone for what would eventually seem like eternity....more

The You-May-Now-Kiss-The-Bride Guy

The children were at their grandparents and my Man and I were headed to a wedding out of town. I received a text from Megan telling me of a conversation she'd just had with Molly...Says Megan... I told Molly you and Dad were going to a wedding today ....more

It's finally SUMMER......need a good read?

Summertime, summertime, sum...sum...summertime... Happy happy Friday! Today marks the very first day of summer vacation for the gang at The Wright Place ....more

Whisked Away...

Once upon a time my Man and I went on a trip. The purpose of this trip is for him to attend a conference and for me to attend to the two overflowing bags of books that I packed to keep me company in the hotel room and on patios and umbrellaed cafe porches in the surrounding town. We have made an annual habit of this get-away for the past 5 years and it is this retreat that on particularly stressful days/weeks/months that I place my hopes of rest and refreshment.I have few expectations for this week away: to sleep well, to read lots, to put some thoughts down on a page, to browse a bookstore or two, and to enjoy a few meals speaking in complete sentences with my husband.Tomorrow is the end of our week away and I've slept, eaten, conversed meaningfully, browsed, written a sentence or two, and oh how I've read! ...more

Reflecting in the Ruckus

A friend recently recounted a story the other day in which her husband was outside working on his truck. The story was not about the truck or about her husband particularly but I remarked at how cool it was that her man was able to work both on humans and machines, he being a surgeon....more