Gwen Mathews

Realtor, mom, writer, reader, cook, chauffeur, wife, daughter...not necessarily in that order

In my day job I sell real estate (well. sometimes it's a nights and weekend job, too). I’ve always had a thing for houses and been fascinated by architecture but mostly, I like the people. Houses are fun however it’s clients that keep me in the business day after day! Nothing is more satisfying than helping my clients find the home of their dreams and when the time comes to move on, being there to help them sell that same house as quickly and as profitably as possible. Once upon a time I worked in higher education administration. I have a B.A. in English and Sociology and an M.Ed. After about 15 years of working in higher education, I saw the light of real estate and discovered that I could be just as helpful to people as a Realtor ( as I was as a college administrator. Plus, I never have the same day twice!

I'm also a wife and the mom of two teenagers.  While I love working, I love spending time with my family even more!  I also write regularly (I have two blogs: and , read, travel as often as possible, run, hike, cook and volunteer with several local organizations.