Grace Wynter

I'm turning forty soon. I'm excited, anxious and expectant about my fortieth year. I thought maybe other women would be too. Enter, The Women at Forty Project. From call centers in India, to fading automobile factories in America, women everywhere, as they have since the beginning of time, are turning forty this year, and they all have a story. The Women at Forty Project wants to chronicle these stories. For every woman, the story's different. This project isn't about telling women how they should be living at forty, its about observing how they actually do. Regardless of where we’ve been or who we are, forty is a significant year in the life of a woman. There are dozens of magazines and blogs dedicated to telling women how to live better, be better, look better, at forty and beyond. The Women at Forty Project isn't about telling you what forty should look or feel like, it's about you telling us what it really is like. Whoever you are, wherever you are, if you’re forty, soon to be forty, or have wisdom to share about that year of your life, we want to hear your story.

Facebook Wants Me to Date Cowboys and Native Americans

Facebook is on a mission to hook me up. With one of the Village People apparently. Let me explain.For some time now Facebook has been “suggesting” posts in my news feed. Sometimes the suggestions are food related. Other times they’re of the health and beauty variety. So far so good.But sometimes Facebook misses the mark....more
not sure about hooking up with a Facebook suggested post ... but I sure can relate to country ...more

20 Signs Your Pop Culture References Are Probably Falling Flat

A lifetime ago I worked for a madman (all of the sexism and alcohol of Mad Men but without Jon Hamm) in an office with an eclectic cast of characters....more
Can I get The Facebook and The Twitter on The Windows 8?more

I'm 44, Single, and Happy (Believe It or Not)!

I am a 44-year-old woman and I’m single. Never been married. No kids. Living life solo. I don’t say this to elicit pity and I also don’t wear it as some sort of badge of honor. I’m just stating a fact. It is a reality that many people live with daily. I stress the word live because that is what many of us are doing -– living. We’re not cowering in a corner, weeping because we haven’t started families. We live. Oddly, many around us don’t see it this way. ...more
Good.  I'm 37 and solo and the happiest parts of my life have been man-free.  I like men very, ...more

My $25-a-week good food experiment

For weeks now I’ve been seriously rethinking this obsession I have with food and my weight. Specifically it’s occurred to me that for almost all of the past decade, my obsession with controlling (unsuccessfully I might add) what I eat and don’t eat has centered primarily on weight loss. This focus on weight and not on health has caused me to become unhealthier. Yo-yo dieting, pre-packaged diet meals, low carb, low fat, sugarless…you get the idea....more

5 Anti-aging Super Foods we should definitely be eating

I finally went to the eye doctor last week. After years of bragging about not needing glasses, reality and my 40th year caught up with me and as I pecked out a post, squinting and grimacing at the screen I finally relented and made an appointment with an eye doctor.  Like it or not, our bodies are aging and some of my over 40 friends are telling me it’s best to get on top of things now because after 40 it just gets that much harder....more

Meryl was right, It is complicated...

I finally got to see It’s Complicated and I loved it! The movie stars Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin as divorced parents of three adult kids who “reconnect” during an out of town trip. To complicate matters, Baldwin is currently married to his former mistress and Streep is being courted by her architect, played by Steve Martin....more

Playing the dating game at 40? 5 tips to help you play better

Yesterday The Today Show did a segment about dating at 40. I missed most of the segment because I was…well, still asleep – more about that another time. But  what I did manage to catch was interesting....more

Fat to Fit at Forty

Yesterday I “revealed” that I was still fat at forty and sick of it. Today, my partner in crime – and in triumph – weighs in (I couldn’t resist) on the subject.  Here’s Rachel on going from fat to fit at forty…...more

I can't believe it's 2010 and I'm still...fat

There, I said it. If you’d told me 20 years ago that I’d still be struggling with this issue, I’d have told you you were crazy. I would have explained to you how I was an intelligent, spiritual, hard working woman who wouldn’t need two decades to get it. It turns out, I’ll need three....more

LOL@ "who was I kidding?" It is kind of funny how we fool ourselves into thinking people ...more

A fool for love? In the real world, Mr. Big never proposes...

Technical difficulties (a malfunctioning laptop adapter) forced me off the computer for much of last week. So instead of spending mindless hours on the internet, I spent mindless hours watching movies. Sex and the City was one of them. I’d like to make a confession. I wasn’t one of the thousands of women who loved Sex and the City while it was on TV....more