Science Fair Snag: How Much Should I Help?

My daughter is in fourth grade, which means she's an elementary school big kid. Things change in fourth grade. You get to do the school spelling bee. And the science fair. Or rather, you and your parents get to do the science fair....more
I think that if parents are involved, the meetings should really focus on teaching the parents ...more

It's Not About Lisa Bonchek Adams' Dying; It's About The Status of Journalists Dying.

There's a lot of talk about writing in this crazy whirl of plenty that is content. But editing -- deciding what stories to tell and how they are told -- is in many ways even more important, the invisible architecture behind all that we see and read....more
Do you remember a few months ago when NPR's Scott Simon tweeted from his mother's hospital bed, ...more

I Donated Bone Marrow to a Stranger

Last month, I donated bone marrow to a stranger with a life-threatening disease. It has been an experience with pain, suspense, and hope. Ultimately, it’s about saving a life, and I hope that by sharing my story, others will be encouraged to register to be a donor and additional lives can be saved. ...more
I joined the registry through AADP several years ago, when a friend's cousin was in search of a ...more

Hello Oedipus, Old Spice Made Some Ads For You

I need your help. I think I need everyone's help in understanding how the new creeptastic Oedipus Spice Sprays commercials will compel anyone to buy Old Spice anything. I just don't understand unless they have a target audience of one: poor ol' Oedipus. In the  commercial series, frumpy moms hide behind curtains, in trees and beneath the sand, singing dirges about their sons becoming men. This fact of life is really sad to these creepy, stalker moms, and they blame Old Spice. They blame Old Spice, and they want to watch. ...more
I was trying to watch this, but your post made me want to. So creepy and so gross.more

Every Year We Search For the Perfect Christmas Tree

It's not the holiday season until we get covered in mud. Why we trek to the forest in search of the perfect Christmas tree. ...more
LMay Thanks for your kind words. And I'll check out your story! Have a great holiday…more

Every Year We Search For the Perfect Christmas Tree

It's not the holiday season until we get covered in mud. Why we trek to the forest in search of the perfect Christmas tree. ...more
Amy Abbott Thanks. I know these years go by quickly, and I'm sure the day will come when the ...more

How to Make a Festive Peppermint Candy Tray

I used to know what was happening in the world, but then I had a teenager, and suddenly I'm the last person ever to have heard of the peppermint candy tray phenomenon. I discovered the project via a Pinterest-savvy co-worker, then I mentioned it to my teen daughter. Image: Courtesy of A Cook and Her Books "Oh Mom, that's so 2012. You really didn't see it on Pinterest last year?" ...more
Who knew this was so easy? And I never really liked eating those mints anyway, so this is a ...more

Popcorn Smackdown: Which Popcorn-Making Method Wins?

As long as you don't go smothering your popcorn with artificial butter or a sugary glaze, popcorn is the perfect, healthy snack. First and foremost, it's a whole grain. It has fiber and antioxidants. And it's low in calories when compared to other crunchy, salty snacks. The only thing we've been fighting about at BlogHer is the best way to make it. ...more
Gooo Team Whirley Pop!more

Julie Chen’s Confession Isn’t Just About Plastic Surgery, But Racism

[Updated 9/13/13 5:02 p.m. PST: Dayton, Ohio TV station WDTN-TV issued a statement saying "We are sorry for what happened to CBS' Julie Chen in 1995 when she was a reporter at WDTN-TV,” and stating that they do not tolerate racism or discrimination of any kind. --Grace]...more
orchidchong Thank you Orchid!more

The Day I Heard That President Kennedy Was Shot

It was a nice November day, and the playground at my elementary school was filled with the sounds of rambunctious children set free.  My friend Susie came over to me.  I was swinging.“The President got shot,” she said.“No, he didn’t,” I answered, very sure of myself.  “That can’t happen.”...more
Heart 4 God Thanks for sharing your story. I've been thinking all week how little talk there is ...more