Wednesday Bullets

Should we talk about some totally random and unimportant things? Excellent. I thought so too! ...more

The Week In Workouts

Happy Monday! It’s Monday all darn day, isn’t it? HUMPH ....more

Fun Things To Read On A Friday

Howdy folks! Hope your Friday has gotten off to a good start. Mine began with a 40 minute pre-work excursion of trying to round up some dogs who were lost and find a safe place for them ....more

The Week In Workouts

I had a pretty good run of posting workouts for a while and loved how they made me accountable! I think people are often looking for the next great workout craze to get them into tip top shape. While I love trying new things, I’ve also found that when I personally am at my fittest it isn’t necessarily WHAT I’m doing but HOW I’m doing it: With Some Consistency ....more

How My Whole 30 Turned Into A Whole 24

In the past month: *We’ve found out a friend had cancer and had surgery *We’ve found out a family member had cancer and had surgery *We’ve found out that family member needed more surgery *We’ve had an immediate member of our family have a stroke *I’ve been assigned to a new position at work, so I am wrapping up loose ends with the old one and transitioning to the new one In the past week: *I’ve written a check that is 3 times the size of our rent to the IRS *Buster has been the sickest he’s ever been which meant not a lot of sleep for us, and a significant amount of hand wringing about what to do *He’s been to the vet twice, requiring both of us to rearrange our work schedules and to rely on my mom to help watch him *We’ve spent our vacation fund that we were planning to use on a quick getaway on tests to help us more accurately diagnose what is going on with our dog baby ***** I was doing fine with all of this until about Wednesday night. Day 24 of our Whole 30, by the way, which frankly is probably why had been in a pretty good mental space despite all of the stuff going on. It had been a long day, and our second trip to the vet and honestly I was just feeling all of the feelings ....more

Permission To Not Be Proficient

Last year, after being in a new role at work for a few months I spent a week sitting in a conference room somewhere in the Midwest learning about Leadership. A few days into the event we embarked on a unit about development and the woman who was facilitating the course asked the crowd which skills are more important to develop — your strengths or your weaknesses. My mind instantly went to my weaknesses: I’m not a good listener (I should work on that!), I can be a little bossy (add it to the list!), my enthusiasm for life can make me look a little bit spastic sometimes (tone it down a little!), my ability to adapt and be flexible can make me seem wishy-washy (this list is getting longer by the minute.) Her response actually shocked me a little: Source I had never looked at the strength/weakness dichotomy in quite that way, and somewhere in that discussion a light bulb went off: In work and in life we are not responsible for DOING everything that shows up on our plates, what we are responsible for is ensuring everything there GETS DONE ....more


This is not a gratuitous selfie, I promise. I’m going to talk about my hair in a minute: THIS IS EVIDENCE. Since it’s been a few weeks, I thought we ought to get current! ...more

On Digital Fatigue, Spring Breaks + What’s Next

Source I came across the phrase “Digital Fatigue” last week and I thought to myself — YES! THIS IS EXACTLY HOW I AM FEELING! Long story short: I’m not dead, depressed or pregnant — I’ve just been here enjoying myself but not writing about it ....more

Impromptu Whole 30: Behind the Scenes During Days 1-4

Can you help? You see, I don’t actually understand how time works. For starters, HOW THE HELL IS IT THURSDAY ALREADY? ...more

Surprise I’m (Crazy And) Doing Another Whole 30!

I was painting my nails on Saturday and noticed they were sort of splitting and chipping and generally making for a gnarly looking manicure. AND WE CAN’T HAVE A GNARLY MANICURE NOW, CAN WE? My solution: ***** I know, it probably sounds a little nuts but I remembered back to every Whole 30 I’ve done and one of the most notable things that always happens is my nails end up looking fantastic ....more