Hello PetVille Friends. This Blog is for those who are, like me, Hopelessly Devoted to a game called PetVille. I have been with this game since September of 2009. But, didn't really get into it until December of 2009. When the collections seemed to be coming weekly. PetVille has come with many changes in the past 3 years. During these years a very large PetVille game group was formed. A friendships made, even a real one with a real person. Who, I found in this big wide web. My partner in PetVille is Diana. Her pet Tessa Le and my pet(s) Penelope aka Pwee have many Pet Adventures. Sometimes these Adventure are turned into Events for the group to join in on the play. The purpose of this blog is to share the Pet's Adventures. And to talk about the game, and it's collections present and past, changes and the future for US the players! Zynga needs players for the games to be successful. Let's all rally together and support the game we love. To bring it back to what it was in its glory days! (")(")

I'm A Newbie On BlogHer

Hello PetVille and BlogHer Friends and followers.  This is my second post on the blog site.  I'm new here so I'm not sure how everything is working yet, but I soon will.   Thank you for checking on my blog! (")(")...more
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