Heather Pegel

Warning you have entered the mind of a very random woman. I am a mom,wife(not really married but hey after 15 years yeah), daughter,fur mommy and just plain me. I can  be rather random with what runs freely in my mind. I am a deep thinker with very little shallow spots. I believe in the human spirit and all the wonders on our beautiful planet. I live by creating, doesnt matter what, as long as I'm being creative I'll be perfectly fine. I live on hopes, dreams and positivity!!! Very rarely will I rant and rave. Silver linings are my thing!!!

Oil Pulling..Will it fix my gums and teeth....Time will only tell!!!

Let me first say....I am a failure. I can not write a blog EVERY DAY!!! My brain doesn't like to work like that....more

My Most Prized Possession


Pack of Ham's Perspective!!!

Kitana: Hey Athena look what I found open.... Damn it, Athena move your ass now, mom left her blog ...more

Perspective is Unique

Well there I go already messing up and missing a day!!! I actually have a good reason for missing yesterday........ ...more

My Passions.....part 1

  I have a secret...... You want to know it........more
http://instagram.com/pack_of_ham  since it doesn't look like it works in the blog.more

The Superbowl Disappointment!!!

WOW FREAKING WOW!!!!  I have to say I am finding the Superbowl to be rather disappointing....more
PardonMyRandomness ELLE OH ELLE!!!! Poor hubby! I enjoyed Tebow, the Jets ruined him, it was for ...more

Bleeding ORANGE and BLUE!!!!

 As I sit here, starting another NaBloPoMo challenge.....(which I have failed at the last 2 months that I have tried....and I really don't ...more
I root for Florida, too, because Billy Donovan used to be a big star at Providence College, our ...more

January 27...For heaven's sake....CLEAN YOUR HOME!!!

Why do I find it so hard to post?  Honestly I could come with a million excuses but no of them really j...more
RebeccaRaige I was on a "trying not to rant" kick.  Between my family and these apartments, I ...more

January 22....Anger Triggers!!!

Calling my brain......I need you.....STAT!!!! This past week has been so hectic that anytime that I should sit down and write, I ...more
trying2write it really was. I learned to grab the seatbelt and use it as a pulley system. but it ...more