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I Would Love to Be a Housewife. There, I've Said It.

Why do I feel so guilty and so old-fashioned admitting that my week as a stay-at-home wife was awesome? I felt healthy. I was able to cook my own meals, do yoga while I watched reality TV, go outside to garden, ride my bike to the store, and take dance class. I felt relaxed. I didn’t feel any outside pressure, no one was around (except for my two gigantic cats) to stress me out, and I was able to visit my mom more often, which made her and me happier. I was extremely productive....more
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Marriage & Date Nights

Lately the Husband and I have been so busy with organizing things at the house, both of our jobs and my exercise classes that it didn't seem like we were having quality time together.  Sure we watch TV, eat dinner and run errands together but we weren't taking the time to go have fun together.  I am not saying we don't have fun together or that there are any issues, just that we needed to focus on one another more.  Does that make sense? ...more
Make some time to spend with your sweetie!
: off to meet the hubster for mexican munchies :)

Glaucoma at 30???

Recently I have been trying to be more healthy.  I HATE being overweight.  Oh who am I kidding???  I hate being FAT.  This is not the person I have always been and I do not want to be this person anymore.  So I put a plan together.1. Start working out 2. Quit smoking3. Start eating healthierAlong with this plan is taking care of myself, doctor check ups and trying to de-stress more.  ...more
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The Lifecycle of a Blogger

1. Why not become a blogger, right? Why not?! I have stories to tell. I have opinions. I have important things to tell the world. I know I’m not going to become the next Dooce or anything (but maybe I’ll be the next Amalah?). This is going to be good. I’ll start with a 2500-word introduction to my life story, just the self-involved parts. ...more
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Explosions at the Boston Marathon: Our Hearts Go Out to Runners, Families

Updated: FBI seeks photos and video from the explosion at the Boston Marathon....more
So sad!  I will never understand why people want to harm others!more
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