Helga Hayse

My latest book is "Money, Love & Legacy: Conversations That Matter Between Generations." It's about the need for boomers and their parents to open the conversations they need to have about financial, medical, emotional and end of life issues so boomers can help their parents as they age. It's about parents not leaving a financial mess for their children, and for children to not be burdened by emotional issues they never cleared with their parents. Ultimately, it's about restoring the love in families through forgiveness and compassion. Visit me at http://www.moneyloveandlegacy.com for lots more information.

My previous book "Don't Worry about a Thing, Dear" - Why Women Need Financial Intimacy teaches women to understand and participate in their marital finances and how to have talks about money with their husband. In case marriage ends through widowhood or divorce, a woman needs to know her financial resources and be able to get at them to continue her life. I lived through this and tell my personal story so women can see the importance of financial intimacy. http://www.financialintimacy.com has lots of information about the book and my work.

5 Undisputable Truths about Marriage

Caution: If you're a romantic who likes illusions, read this at your own risk.  This posting will help you remove the rose -colored glasses and understand the realities of marriage . On the other hand, you might thank me for being honest about what you may already suspect.1.  Marriage is a choice. Unless you’re being forced into a shotgun wedding or live in an arranged marriage culture, you’re choosing your mate....more

Brides Rethinking Extravagant Weddings

Many brides- to-be are beginning to function in the real world, trading extravagant credit card weddings for an event they can actually afford. These savvy brides are beginning to run their numbers , rearrange priorities and ask questions that really matter....more

Could Marriage Be About Sex and Stuff?

Oh, it’s so unromantic.A study at the University of Michigan School of Public Health found that 27 percent of men and 14 percent of women undergraduates were willing to trade favors or gifts for sex. And although they weren't hard up for resources, the students surveyed "recognized the value of this socioeconomic currency system.”The study, led by Dr. Daniel Kruger and published in the prestigious journal Evolutionary Psychology concluded that  “perhaps the ‘romance’ in romantic relationships facilitates stability by avoiding the recognition of exchanges”....more

Gloria, Katie & Lily & Bag Lady Fears

Bag lady - a term used to describe a homeless woman who walks around the streets of a city carrying her possessions in a bag. This is still a real and persistent fear of even the most successful women....more

Stalked by Random Events

One week ago, 239 people boarded Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in Kuala Lumpur, expecting to land in Beijing a few hours later. The plane vanished and has still not been found. Vanishing from the world's radar screen practically never happens.A woman vacationing in Florida is killed by a giant stingray that leaped out of the water and struck her as she sunbathed on the deck of a boat. Stingrays practically never do that....more

Afraid of their Adult Children

Abuse of parents is a silent problem, prevalent at all income levels but not widely discussed. A web search for information about adult children who abuse their parents focuses on financial and physical abuse. Little is available about emotional and verbal abuse.Parents who are bullied or mistreated by their adult children have trouble admitting it to others. Many put up with the bad treatment because they don’t want to end a relationship with a child whom they love. Some need their child’s help with care giving. Others fear the consequences of being open about their feelings....more

The Anatomy of Happiness

I had a nasty head cold a few days ago, but feeling lucky and grateful that it wasn't flu or anything more serious. As my symptoms locked me into a muted world of silence and drowsiness, I reflected on luck - what it is, who has it, who doesn't seem to have it and how to get it....more

Who Cares about Valentine's Day?

Who cares about Valentine’s Day? Women. Who feels pressure about Valentine’s Day? Men. ...more

A Parent's Act of Love

Psychiatrists have long equated the reluctance to write a will, prepare an advance directive or estate plan, with fear of dying.Who wants to think about planning for death? We'd rather do just about anything else. However, we must confront our mortality. We can't afford to have illusions that it won’t happen to us. We have to face giving up our possessions and power. We have to deal with uncomfortable subjects like aging, illness, death, inheritance and a host of other things we’ve managed to avoid thinking about....more

A Truly Intimate Valentine

Calling all husbands and wives! Here’s an idea for Valentine’s Day that you may not have considered. However, this gift won't add to your credit card debt or deplete your checking account. And you'll feel so cherished when you give it to each other, you might wind up spending the day in bed - together.Unlike flowers, jewelry, sexy lingerie, chocolates or other goodies we've been told equate with love, this gift won’t cost you any money . And the reward?A whole new level of intimacy in your marriage, far beyond your wildest expectations....more