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Are We Really Going to Perpetuate this Double Standard in Politics?

Yesterday Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former president Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, announced she is pregnant – a wonderful moment for the mother-to-be and her family, an opportunity to exhibit...more

How Working Mothers Do Business

Last month I found out some New York-based friends were getting together for dinner the night before I was scheduled to be in the city for a work-related trip. I rarely see this group of women because we live in different cities and we are all busy working mothers. I was determined to join them; I value these women as both friends and colleagues ....more

Listen To Your Mother

I am thrilled to be a cast member of Listen To Your Mother Boston this year. Listen To Your Mother is...more


photo credit: DCSL via photopin cc ...more

The M3 Interview: Maria Menounos, Star of Chasing Maria Menounos

Maria Menounos, Extra host and star of Oxygen’s new reality series “Chasing Maria Menounos” prides herslef on being organized but is still learning that family and health come first....more

Senate Blocks Paycheck Fairness Act – Again

Minority Leader Mitch McConnell voted no. The Paycheck Fairness Act failed to move forward – again – on the Senate floor today. A vote was blocked to open debate ....more

Senator Barb Mikulski Leads the Charge for Equal Pay

Today, Equal Pay Day, Senator Barb Mikulski led a group of women Senators speaking in support of the Paycheck Fairness Act. Watch her remarks here. ...more

For Equal Pay Day, Take Action on Paycheck Fairness Act

Today is Equal Pay Day,...more

Today is No Housework Day: Put Down the Mop

photo credit: Today, April 7, is No Housework Day. (Ironic, isn’t it, that April 8 is Equal Pay Day and we know there is a correlation between the housework gap and the wage gap. But more on that later.) Women spend, on average, between 30 and 60 percent more time on housework and childcare than men do, regardless of who works and who doesn’t ....more

Five TED Talks by Women that Continue to Inspire (Guest Post)

This post was written by our guest blogger...more