Her Royal Fabulousness

I am a 30-something, IFer, PCOSer, IVFer, and miscarriage survivor. Blogging is the latest incarnation of my life-long love of writing. Currently, I have a lot to say about the lack of activity happening in my ovaries, my pregnancy loss, and my struggle down the road of infertility.

For more of my 2 cents: http://waitingforlittlefeet.blogspot.com/.

Hiding in Plain Sight: Writing a Blog Anonymously

In case you haven't figured it out, Her Royal Fabulousness is not the name on my birth certificate. Confession: I am still living in the blogging closet. Although I desperately want to come out of the shadows, I am still grappling with the idea of blogging publicly, under my real name. As a member of the blogging community (specifically infertility blogging), I see my fellow bloggers split into three camps. There are those who are completely open about their identities, those who blog with real first names but no other identifiable information, and those who use assumed identities, like mine. We all have reasons for choosing our preferred level of privacy, but my decision has left me unsettled. ...more
@The Bearded Iris i started a blog 'asafeplacetoblog' haha! never used it though. i'm ok with ...more