I'm the happily married mom of 3 boys living high on life in Alaska. We live in an old farmhouse and are constantly working to remodel it, you've heard of DIY? We are DIY in the flesh. We raise as much of our own food as we can which is sketchy given that our growing season is 90 days. I'm slightly obessesed with salted caramel.

Lemon Blueberry Snack Cake

This easy to make Lemon Blueberry Snack Cake is a unique take on the ever popular flavor combination of tangy lemon and plump blueberries. I found this recipe while googling lemon blueberry snack cake, except once I started making it I realized it didn't have lemon in it. Oops, proves that it's always best to really read through the recipe first and not just assume it's what you want ....more

I LOVE ALASKA giveaway winner

Put your hands together and say a hail and hearty woohooo for our BIG winner Caroll Llyn. a Rafflecopter giveaway...more

Get Your Kids to Eat More Vegetables Part 3

A continuation of the original post There Must be 50 Ways to Eat Your Veggies and the follow up posts How to Get Your Kids to Eat Vegetables Part 2...more

Yogurt Braised Beef

If you're looking for something new to do with a roast or round steak why not give Yogurt Braised Beef a try? The tangy succulent beef will tempt even the hardcore *non meat eaters into eating. *excluding chicken strips, corn dogs and pepperoni of course...more


It's no secret that "The Last Frontier" is a magical place! There are many things to love - scenery like nowhere else, whales, bears, Native culture, and just enough danger and adventure to keep us on our toes! Alaska is a HUGE state (2.3x the size of Texas!), but Alaskans all across the miles - from Juneau to Barrow - share a special bond ....more

How to Make Raw Milk Yogurt in a Cooler

Have you been trying to figure out how in the world to make decent yogurt from your own raw cow milk? Join the crowd or at least join me. Wow, how many batches did I flub up trying to make one decent batch ....more

Cake French Toast

Got a cake that's gone stale? Or perhaps you slaved away over a cake and in the end it was dry like sand and just as bland? Has that ever happened to you, or is it just me? ...more

Paleo Sushi Bites

Looking for a quick Paleo...more

How to Get the Last of the Coconut Oil Out of the Jar

I've had trouble getting the last of the coconut oil out of the jar, how about you? I don't use it exclusively I use other oils too, like olive oil, butter, lard and bacon fat. I should probably throw a grape seed oil in there or maybe a walnut oil just to round it out ....more

The True Secret to Losing Weight

When I started this weight loss journey I went to my medical doctor to see if she had any insight into permanent weight loss (beyond duct taping my mouth shut for the rest of my life, HA!) She spoke with me for quite a while on diet plans, weight loss, permanent weight loss and WHAT it takes. I was surprised she was so willing to offer such great help but honestly it was nothing I hadn't heard before. The secrets to weight loss are not secrets: eat less food, drink water every day all day, move your butt 4 times a week MINIMUM and journal what you eat so you have accountability ....more