Holly Bertone

I'm a breast cancer survivor. During the various stages of hair loss and growth, one of my husband's favorite ways to cope with the changes and keep us both laughing was to come up with funny nicknames to describe the hot mess on the top of my head, which replaced my long, beautiful, red, curly hair. The one that stuck the most was "Coconut Head." When my hair was shaved clean down to the scalp, there were a few stray hairs that still seemed to grow, and my head really did look like a coconut. I hope you enjoy my musings about surviving life after cancer. 

Here's a Quick List to Help You Budget for the Holidays

First of all, I am not a financial or trained professional anything.  I'm just a suburban wife and stepmother who is trying to provide for her family and share what I've learned.  Whatever advice you take or not take is entirely on you....more
Thanks for the tips. I didn't think of a few them. Great!more