I am very excited and inspired by innovation, science, and technology. I am an aspiring entrepreneur and currently am a Mechanical Engineer within the Energy industry. 

Two areas about which I am passionate are women's/children's rights and helping others (family, friends, mentees, anyone) reach his or her full potential.  One part of reaching one's full potential is education.  

So I am very happy and honored to have one role that combines these two passions: being the Bay Area Ambassador for BLISS, a social enterprise that empowers adolescent girls and women in rural Pakistan through education and entrepreneurship. The students attend school while earning an income for themselves and their families through the sale of embroidered handbags that they design and create.  See the clutches and bags embroidered by the schoolgirls from the  BLISS Bags - the Sozankaar Collection posted on BLISS's Facebook page.  Please free to contact me if you would like more information about BLISS.

Dollar Shave Club: How to Launch a Startup with Creativity, Style, and Humor

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