Heidi Jeter

Visit my blog at www.StillADancingQueen.com or on facebook. I’m a 40-year-old woman with a darling young daughter, a long-term marriage and an established career that's currently in limbo, yet I sometimes have an overwhelming urge to drink myself silly, dance my ass off and make-out with strangers. I write the blog Still A Dancing Queen, which is for those of us who are still dancing queens yet, rather than yearning for the good old days, are wise enough to recognize that this crazy, in-between, complex time in our lives is life’s sweet spot. 

Crap! I May Be A Helicopter Mom

It seems you can’t avoid hearing about how my generation of parents is overprotective and isn’t allowing its kids to learn about failure and resilience. Every time I’ve read an article about helicopter parenting, I’ve sighed and thought “so glad that’s not me.” The other day, however, I heard the propellers and they were coming from me. ...more

Have You Gotten Happier with Age?

As I was reading an article on happiness—much of the tips I’ve heard before—the final fact caught my eye. It said that people naturally become happier with age, particularly after hitting middle age.Being on the cusp of middle age, I was intrigued. The article mentioned a number of scientific theories: we remember happy memories more strongly than negative ones, we weed out people and things that make us unhappy and we focus less on goals and more on well-being....more

Has Age Changed How You See Yourself?

You know the phrase “it’s like riding a bike,” which implies that once you learn how to ride a bike, you’ll never forget. Well, it isn’t true....more
LazyTri nope still awesomemore

Do You Say Yes When You Should Say No?

Watching someone rub a balloon on their head and stick it on the wall fills me with panic. It’s an irrational fear that stems back to childhood when I watched one of those giant punching balloons explode on my babysitter’s face as she tried to blow it up. Something about the gunshot sound and the older girl you adore exploding into tears scars you for life. ...more
thesecondset  Loved your soccer post! We definitely need to start a Just Say No mom's group. It ...more

Is There an Age Limit for Bikinis?

In preparation for an upcoming family weekend at an indoor water park, I made a bold move. I found my bikini tucked in the back of the drawer and put it on — in the dead of winter. Brave! Credit Image: electricnerve on Flickr...more
Great post! If you can rock it, and feel great in it, wear it! Notice I didn't say look great in ...more

Sunny Summer Thoughts to Combat the Polar Vortex

When my husband and I decided to leave sunny Colorado and head back to our roots in the Midwest, we were prepared for tough winters. I, however, was not prepared to suffer through the coldest, snowiest winter in 20 years. ...more

Mammograms. Therapy and Other Midlife Firsts

Last week I let a woman who reminded me of my grandmother get to second base. It was my first time so I was nervous, but she was a pro.In fact her cheerful manner as she squished my breasts into the mammogram machine actually may have made the entire experience less awkward than the first time I was felt up—at age 15....more

Lessons in Kindness from Someone Else’s Child

Each day I leave my nice, cushy neighborhood to drive across town to my daughter’s school. It is an 18-minute lesson in gratitude and guilt.The route is nearly equal parts churches, daycares, convenience stores, bars and boarded up buildings. People wait for busses in clothing not nearly warm enough for the subzero temps. It is a daily reminder that my upper-middle class life is one of privilege....more

What Words Will Guide You in 2014?

Funny thing about friendships—you can’t become friends with someone without first having been strangers. Didn’t our parents always say “never talk to strangers?”Us introverts take that advice to heart. We hate talking to strangers—it’s like walking into the flames of hell.But when you move to a new place, you have two choices: put yourself out there or wallow in loneliness. So into the fire of small talk and introductions I have gone....more

Why Personality Tests Say Nothing About You

Have you ever taken one of those personality tests? Pretty certain I’ve taken nearly all of them during my career. One told me I was a sea otter, another a shepherd, another a maximizer and yet another said I was an introverted perfectionist.I’ve been thinking a lot about personality lately as I try to figure out what it is I want to do with the rest of my life, professionally speaking....more