Michelle Becerra

I'm done home schooling my son, and I need a creative outlet!  I cook, create, teach, serve in my church and run a successful business.  I love photography and I think I'm getting better at it.  My desire is to inspire and teach and explore the creative side of social media.

Good Morning Pumpkin Pancakes


Roasting Pumpkin


Mexican Lime Rice


indian Market

We’ve been to Indian Market once before, about 12 years ago.  For the last four years we have wanted to go back for the Market for my birthday.  And it finally happened!...more

Ebelskivers for Sunday Breakfast


Layered Beef Enchiladas


Drying Out

http://www.homehatchery.com/dry-on-the-line/ I know some of my friends think I'm nuts, but I think I'll start a new trend, which was actually an old necessity!...more

Creamy Herbed Lavash Wraps

http://www.homehatchery.com/herbed-cream-cheese-lavosh-wraps/I made these yummy lavash wraps for my friend Travis who helped me design my logo and get my blog started.  They are so easy and yummy, you'll just love them....more

Concrete Duo

http://www.homehatchery.com/adventures-in-concrete/  ...more