Raw Menopausal Truths and the Indignities of Getting Old

To be “raw” is to be pure and honest; it is to tell it like it is, unadulterated. However the fear of offending the listener, in this case the reader, is a problem; but to tell it other than the unvarnished truth is nothing more than sugar-coating. What to do, what to do? After taking a few brief moments to think this through, I’m sorry, but the menopausal Wailing Banshee in me must be allowed to vent, to rant, to tell the truth and nothing but the raw truth. So to the “sensitive” among you; sorry, you’ve been warned?!...more
Hi- just found your blog.  I started this journey somewhere between age 39 and 40- my husband ...more

Who Did I Most Want To Be Like?

A question was offered: “Who do you wish you were related to?” But here I would ask your pardon and rephrase it instead, by asking this in its place: “Who would I most like to have been more like?” In my heart of hearts; having been fortunate to work for two great companies, and having had the privilege each time of working closely with an Executive Secretary—both supporting Vice Presidents at the time—Stella A. and Joanne A.M., I would have loved to have been more like them....more
 @elaineR.N. Who knows if I could have really been a good Executive Secretary, I am ...more

The Night “The Man in Blue” Showed Us Mercy

Due to the spiraling-down of the economy in the Silicon Valley, we’d lost our home of 11 years. Blessedly my husband had a job but making a quarter of what he made before. And we were living here and there, at the mercy and kindness of family and friends, however separated from our two teenagers living elsewhere. But we at least had our old Ford Aerostar, junky but still running, to get us around. Though it wasn’t registered or insured. And then one night it happened; we were found-out and pulled over....more
 @the.me.i.be Thank you, my friend, for coming by to visit and comment. Please forgive that I ...more

The Pink and Red Outrageous Mamas of “The Red Hat Society”

We are “The Mad Hatters” of The Red Hat Society, because, after all, we are supposed to misbehave when we can. And so we have; but I’ll never tell. A team of wild horses couldn’t drag our naughty moments out of me. Our code of honor would not allow me. I will divulge this much; we have worn pajamas to our gatherings, even in public.  *Mischievous chuckling here!*...more
 @tennismama Now that IS regal. I LOVE it! And don't be jealous, dear friend, I will allow you ...more

Of Sons and Daughters: A Tale of Three Hearts

It is said that "A son is a son till he takes him a wife, a daughter is a daughter all of her life." This is indeed a tale of three hearts; of a son and two daughters whose hearts beat to a very different timing. Three clocks by three makers from three different planets!I have three children, two girls and one boy (the youngest), and they couldn’t be more different. But the greatest difference is in my two girls, night and day, they are....more
 @Reda Yes you did, Reda, and I believe we are.  :)   My son has recently moved out, after being ...more

How Does My Garden Grow? With Friends like Family and Family like Friends!

A thought-provoking proverb has been presented: "Treat your family like friends and your friends like family." This has me speculating on the differences, if any. But to do this I must examine the reality of both sides. Though blood family should be closer, that is not always the case. Just like many of us have learned a hard lesson in life, that not all “friends” are what they claim to be. It is at our low points in life, when we have a need, that we learn who friend and family is. For that is when their strength and true colors will show....more
@HomeRearedChef @Laine Griffin Ha-Ha! LOVE the circle of trust...more

Their successes and accomplishments begets my happinesses.

Nothing gives me a greater sense of personal accomplishment than when I see that my children have achieved what they’ve set out to do in their lives. But while they are successful and accomplished, if they were to fail or are just short of reaching their goal, well, don’t look at me! Hubby and I did our part; we’ve sacrificed till we acquired our obvious wrinkles and load of gray hairs. We gave nothing short of just darn-right giving up every drop of blood we have....more
@Laine Griffin But while I waited for him to make up his mind, I had very shaky hours of ...more

“I Do!” But Only Until Death Do Us Part.

To my most significant other, my forever treasured Lancelot Knight.You were always meant to be my soul-mate, my husband, and my friend.Surely you know that you’ve always been my every sleeping and waking fantasy.And truth be told, I dreamed about you before I ever knew you.Surely, without you, I would have never braved to continue onward,No, never, not without you!...more

For Valentine’s: Blushing Seafood Chowder

What could be more romantic than sharing with your Honey a bowl of thick and creamy blushing seafood chowder on Valentines? Because I’ve been told that a way to your Lover’s heart is through his stomach; or more precisely through his taste-buds!...more
@Laine Griffin I'd much rather have feed people that like everything. Some people are allergic ...more

Goodbye Whitney Houston: "I Will Always Love You"

In 1992 Whitney Houston came out with the song I Will Always Love you, for her film debut “The Bodyguard.” And though I had already loved her as a singer, and was a big fan, her song, "The Greatest Love Of All," made a huge impact on me. That song showed the real power and capabilities of the voice she had. Such a range!...more
@elaineR.N. Me too. But his story is one I will use to share, telling my own children and ...more